Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Chick Ponders Bookish Things: How I Converted To Kindle

I admit, I was a Nook girl until Christmas.  I had a first generation Nook and I loved it, until it took a rather nasty plunge from an elliptical at my local YMCA.

Can you say shattered screen?

I cried.

I had a Nook Color, but I wasn't fond of it. I'm still not very fond of it. So I bought the SimpleTouch with Glolight.

I hated it.

In a little over the year, the screen was giving me problems. I started using the Color more regularly and even got the new HD + to jump on the whole tablet bandwagon.

Guess what?

I use the HD to listen to music at bed time, but I still hate reading on a tablet. The screen bothers my eyes.

I really wanted a basic ereader, even though that isn't the trend. So I got the basic Kindle 7th generation.

I love it, it like I loved my original Nook.  If you don't need the bells and whistles of a tablet, the basic Kindle is the best way too go. And if you use Net Galley, Kindle is definitely the better device.

I feel bad that I've shifted loyalties, but for a product that was pretty much interchangeable when they first came out, Kindle is now the superior product as an ereader. I can't comment on the Fire, because I don't own one and likely won't as I'm no fan of tablets.

Which device do you use for ereading?


rashbre said...

Im on my second kindle. I had one of the old ones with a key board and more recently the paper white.

For reading I value the simplicity and lack of distraction of a paper white kindle, although I know I can switch to reading the same book at the same page on my iPhone if I'm say stuck on the tube with limited space.

Kindle s also considerably lighter than my iPad, which may sound a bit feeble but does make a difference after a while. And kindle paperweight works well n bright sunlight too.

I'm pleased to see your book list is up and running again for 2015.

Best rashbre (Ed)

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