Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Summer's Family Affair

Author:  Cynthia Gail
Title: Summer's Family Affair
Publish Date: May 6, 2015
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Book Blurb:

Jenny Cohen defines successful independence: she put herself through college, couldn’t ask for

better friends, owns a consulting firm, wears designer clothes, and just moved into her dream

home . . . But she’s alone, except for her ailing mother whom she supports in a nursing home.

As the marketing consultant for Chester, Dorsey & Tanner, she’s surrounded by male attention.

Too bad it’s the overly-protective big-brother type.

Architect, Craig Stone, hasn't looked at another woman since his wife passed away four years

ago. His time is taken—building a career while trying to be both mother and father to his eight-

year-old son. But when his appointment with the largest development firm in Nashville is double-

booked with a black-haired beauty, he finds himself reaching for new possibilities.

The attraction sets off more fireworks than the Fourth of July. Yet, their relationship is riddled

with issues neither one of them expected. Somewhere in the middle they must find a way to

compromise or let go of a chance for love they may never find again.

Review: Summer's Family Affair is a wonderful read for romance lovers.

Cynthia Gail has created characters that are real and who you can really related to.

I really like that Jenny was the strong single woman and Craig is the widower with a young son. Both are pretty ok, with being single, but both need something more.

Jenny and Craig are both career minded and each has family responsibilities of different varieties, but the two of them definitely have a great chemistry. They also have some road blocks on their way to true happiness. Jenny has a crazy stalker guy that really wants to date her. Craig has a mother in law that isn't ready for him to move on to another woman. Carla was really borderline evil in the way she treated Jenny, and where I could understand some of her reasoning, I didn't understand Craig's reactions all the time.

I think of the two characters, Craig was a little harder to like. He moved fast but burned cold when things didn't go his way or someone  did something that upset him.

I actually really loved his son, Ben, and wished he would have been used more in the story.

I liked the heat level which was relatively low in this book. It is hotter than sweet romance which gives a nice balance, which really is perfect for the characters and their situations.

This is a great quick read for a sunny summer afternoon, especially if you are at a beach. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5 flowers


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