Friday, March 24, 2017

Book Review: An Honest Love

Author: Kathleen Fuller
Title: An Honest Love
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publish Date: March 15, 2010
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Book Blurb:  Lukas Byler is the man of Anna Esh's dreams--and he's asked her to marry him. But Anna has a secret she can't bring herself to reveal; she may not be able to bear children. She knows how much having a large family means to Lukas, but she's afraid of losing him so she doesn't tell him.She's thrilled when, after several months of being married, she gets pregnant. But when she miscarries, her worst fears are confirmed. Can she bring herself to be honest with Lukas? And will he still love her when he learns the truth.

Review:  An Honest Love is 2 intertwined romances. The primary story features Anna Esh who has recently moved to Middlefield with her mother to take care of her curmudgeonly Uncle Zeb. Zeb is really quite a hoot at times.

When she is working on her new Amish shop she meets Lukas Byler who is instantly taken with her. Lukas is also the brother of Elisabeth who is part of the other couple. She's a young girl of 18 who is just starting out at her first job. Aaron Detweiler works at the blacksmith shop. He's had his share of troubles. He's spent time in jail for drugs.

You have two very different couples but each are finding their way to each other. Both couples are very likable. Anna is very sweet and hardworking. She's trying  to get over a heartbreak and she tries to stay clear of Lukas and his advances.

Elisabeth and Aaron have trouble getting together because Aaron is really beating himself up over his time spent in jail. He's scared to show any signs of having fun.

Each couple has a lot to work through to get to where they need to be. Anna has a health issue she's keeping a secret, and Elisabeth is just a little to hard headed at times.

I like the way the two stories are separate but weave together in spots because of the families involved.

I admit to liking Elisabeth and Aaron more than Anna and Lukas, because though Anna was all that was good, a lot of her misery was brought on herself. She didn't put her trust in those that loved her and that made her a bit frustrating at times.

I hope that these couples appear in other stories. I also hope that Elisabeth's friend Deborah gets a story, or that Deborah's predicament ends up helping Anna and Lukas at some point down the line.

Rating: 5 flowers


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