Thursday, May 4, 2017

TLC Book Tours Author Guest Post: Kate Brandes

Later today I'll be posting my review for Kate Brandes The Promise of Pierson Orchard but for now, the here's a guest post by Kate.

Becoming a Published Writer Late in Life

At the age of 46, after seven years of working on my first novel, I became a published author.

I didn’t start writing until I was in my mid-thirties. Before that I worked as an environmental scientist and didn’t think of myself as a creative person.

I found after my first son was born that I wanted to try making something that would reflect my view of the world. I’ve always loved reading fiction and understand the world better through stories. I’ve also kept journals all my life, used mostly for working out problems or making important decisions. So perhaps it was inevitable that I turned to writing as the creative outlet I found myself searching for.

Even though I had two small children, a full time job, and more volunteer commitments than any sane person should have, I crammed in time to learn how to tell a story on paper. I worked hard, whenever I could. And eventually, after years of rewriting, I got a publishing contract for my book.

We should own everything we do. I’ve worked more than a decade on my writing. I do have a newly published book and some short stories. And recently as last fall I still struggled to feel like myself in these new writer shoes.

It’s been an interesting journey from environmental scientist to writer. My entire community of
people, up until a decade ago knew me only as a scientist. This includes everyone with whom I went to college and graduate school and everyone I’ve worked with over 20+ years.

But lately, some people only know me as writer. In many ways my long-held identity as a scientist is fading to the background as my investment in my writing self grows. It’s dizzying at times.

But what I’ve found is that with each new experience as a writer, which have been many this year with a first book coming out: readings, signings, teaching my first workshop, and more – I am more writer everyday. I am owning it because I’m living it. That’s the way people grow all the time.  


Kate Brandes said...

Thanks so much for hosting me today! Looking forward to your review!

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