Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Book Review: Carpentry and Cocktails

Author Nora Everly
Title: Carpentry & Cocktails
Publish Date: April 28, 2020
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Book Blurb: Everett Monroe can’t keep his eyes off his gorgeous tenant.

He’d like to put his hands on her too, but she’s prickly, closed-off, and gives new meaning to the word disgruntled. In other words, she’s his perfect match and he’ll do anything to make her see it too.

Willa Hill has finally left her teen runaway past behind and wants a fresh start—alone. Men are nothing but trouble and she’s had enough man-trouble to last a lifetime. Too bad her irresistibly sexy, nerdy-hot landlord doesn’t agree.

When their mutual yearning becomes a white-hot fling and passion crosses carefully drawn, albeit one-sided boundaries, Everett finds himself in love and Willa finds herself in a pickle.

Because, unfortunately, when she returned to Green Valley, her problems came too. When the past she escaped crashes into the future she finds herself wanting more than anything, will Willa stay in Green Valley?

Or will she run away again?

Carpentry and Cocktails is book #5 in the Green Valley Library series. It is a full-length contemporary romance novel, and can be read as a standalone.

Review: I am so thankful for discovering The Page Nerds group on Facebook. If it weren't for them, I never would have found authors like Andrea Johnston and now Nora Everly. I read my first book of Nora's at the beginning of the year and I loved it.

I have wanted to read the books in the Green Valley Public Library series for awhile and I was thrilled to get a chance at reading Carpentry and Cocktails. I've been back at reading romance again and Nora's books are part of the reason I'm getting back into the genre.


Characters like Willa and Everett that feel so darn real. They aren't super rich (Greek Billionaire's etc) or even glamorous. What they are are people you feel like you could know.

I loved Everett and all his geeky wonderfulness. I'd love to watch Firefly with both of them.

Willa's situation is an interesting one for a romance novel. She's running from an abusive ex that doesn't think she should be his ex. (side note...I think said ex backed off a little too easily in the end without enough drama) What I did love was watching her learn to stick up for herself, even if it meant getting away from her mother. (Bad mothers always make me sad in books) Willa's mom was hard to wrap my head around because she had mistakes in her life, but she couldn't forgive her daughters and she was really verbally/mentally abusive to them.

I loved how her sisters stuck by her, and I really loved her relationship with her youngest sister, Gracie. She was one smart teenager, who was definitely wise beyond her years. (She deserves a story somewhere down the line)

Oh but back to the romance aspect of this book. OMG! Everett is the kind of man you want to have your back (And you front and anywhere else). Their chemistry is off the charts. I loved his protective nature that didn't send him flying into the Alpha Male category. It made him more knight in shining armor.

This is a feel good romance, with a little suspense from the ex and a bunch of laughs in between. Nora Everly should be on you must read list of authors and this book is a good place to start!

Rating: 5 flowers


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