Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Book Review: Alaskan Renegade

 Author:  Kate Bridges

Title:  Alaskan Renegade

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Publish Date: Nov 1, 2009

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Book Blurb: 

In need of a bodyguard on her mission into the Alaskan wilderness, nurse Victoria Windhaven is shocked to recognize the hired gun as none other than Brant MacQuaid--a man she had thought never to see again! Brant, now a notorious bounty hunter with a burning passion for justice, had once betrayed her.

But closely confined in the stagecoach by day, and even more closely combined under the stars by night, Victoria can't help but dream of turning this renegade into ideal husband material....


A good Harlequin can pull me out of a reading slump. I've always been a fan of historical romance. Not so much westerns, but when I was looking for something different an a little light after reading a pretty emotionally draining book on the holocaust this book seemed to fit the bill.

A bounty hunter/bodyguard, a nurse and a would be doctor are making a pilgrimage to Alaska. Victoria and Brant have a history, as he was once supposed to marry her sister. There's definitely some bad blood there, but there are also sparks too.

Then there's Connor. You know he's not the one for Victoria, but he's lovable, especially as its hard to see him ever really becoming a doctor.

There journey is not without trouble and it really shows some growth in the characters. (especially Connor)

Victoria is spunky and very good at her job. Brant knows what he wants out of his life too. It makes for some interesting clashes between the two along the way, but when they come together you know they are perfect for each other even though they have their reservations because of their initial differences.

Oh and did I mention danger? Cos there's a real baddie waiting for them on Glitter Mountain.

This was a great quick read that was a little out of my comfort zone but one I truly enjoyed.

Rating: 4 flowers


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