Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Book Review: The McKettrick Way

Author:  Linda Lael Miller

Title: The McKettrick Way

Publisher: Sillhoutte Special Edition

Publish Date: Dec 1, 2007

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Book Blurb: 

She wanted his baby... and he wanted her!

Meg McKettrick longs for a baby--husband optional. Perfect father material is gorgeous Brad O'Ballivan, old flame and new owner of his family's ranch in Stone Creek. But Meg--as strong, proud and stubborn as her ancestors on Indian Rock's Triple M ranch--wants to do things her way...the McKettrick way. And Brad feels just as strongly about the O'Ballivan way...

Love, marriage, babies and a lifetime to share--that's what Brad wants. Not a single night of pasion, an unexpected pregnancy and a woman who won't budge. For a rugged rodeo cowboy who never gives up, it's a battle of wills he intends to win...and nothing matters more than claiming Meg's wild McKettrick heart.

Review: I read Sierra's story ages ago, and thought I'd enjoy this one. Linda Lael Miller is a name that is a go to for contemporary western's when it comes to Harlequin romances.

It took me several days to finish this 248 page book. That's absolutely nuts. A day or two yes? More than that? UGH!

It was a passable read but for me there was more wrong with it than right.

1. Meg and Brad have a past and they both seemed to have not gotten past their young love for each other. (Does this ever really happen in real life) This second chance trope is probably the most annoying of all romance tropes.

2. He left to become a big time star (Country music, of course) and now he's back home to run the ranch and he's only in his 30s? Huh?

3. Meg is the ghost of one of her ancestors. (This is actually one of the only cool parts of the story) But it really is a way out there plotline

4. Brad gets offered a chance to do a movie on the ranch. Oh and one of his ex wives is going to star in it.

5. Meg's estranged father shows up with a sister for her and you guessed it, he's dying.

OK, so I may be offering a spoiler or two here, but I think the main thing you can take away is there is an awful lot going on in such a short book and I'm not really even touching on all of it. 

It is just way too busy, with stuff from Meg's life to stuff from Brad's life and his sister and her strange ability in regards to animals, especially the wild horse "Ransom."

There was just WAY WAY too much going on. And though Meg and Brad have a past and have some chemistry, its hard to figure out why they are in love, or ever were in love.

Now I'm not saying this is a bad book. Linda Lael Miller does keep your attention, especially with all the plot twists. It just isn't a great book, but if you are a fan of western romances, you probably will enjoy this one at least a little bit.

Rating: 3 flowers


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