Friday, October 9, 2020

Book Review: Better Than The Book


M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston are romance writers who share a love of the written word. Combining their sense of humor, beliefs in love, and sarcasm, this writing duo has joined forces to create the Charitable Endeavors series. With the sole purpose of bringing laughter and love to their readers while tapping into their charitable hearts, a portion of the release proceeds will be donated to charity.


Better than the Book is the fourth book in the Charitable Endeavors Series by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston. Each story is somehow related to the indie book community and is guaranteed to be a contemporary romantic comedy and fade to gray (no gratuitous sexy times when we're donating to charity).


As you all know, With the Charitable Endeavors series, these two romance authors have committed to releasing each book with a significant portion of the release month proceeds being donated to charity.


Better than the Book  is a funny celebrity romance featuring Hunter and Celeste, two individuals with a passion for the stage.  That's why we're thrilled to designate a portion of the release month ebook proceeds to New York City Children's Theater! New York Children's Theater reaches children through their communities and education with stage productions, interactive workshops, and in-school residencies. Their mission is to demonstrate that engaging young people in the arts has a positive impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development, and furthers a lifelong appreciation of the arts. You can learn more about their program here NYCCT - NYC Children's Theater.





New York is where dreams come true. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.


Despite my love of planning, my dream of working on Broadway and meeting my

Hollywood superstar crush seem to be running into more brick walls than necessary.

Still, I could never have anticipated my crush on Hunter Stone was just one Ambien trip

from an unexpected reality.


Now, I find myself lost in his charms and enamored with his passion for acting. Beyond

his good looks and brooding reputation is a man who sends my heart racing and leaves

me wondering if fictional boyfriends are real.



Passion and drive have made all of my acting dreams a reality. All I’ve worked for is at

my fingertips, but I can’t seem to settle. In my life or on my future.


Meeting Celeste Pumper… Pumper-Something was never part of my plan. Her own

passion for the stage has reminded me of a life beyond the big screen and celebrity.

Holding her in my arms and staring into her eyes should frighten me but instead I feel

more solace than my lifestyle normally allows.


Our paths didn’t cross by happenstance. It was always meant to be. Sometimes truth is

better than fiction and our story is better than the book.

Review: I always get so excited when there is another Charitable Endeavors book out by Andrea Johnston and M.E. Carter.

These books are full on fun and Better Than The Book is no exception.

Celeste Pumperkin (I love that name) is trying to live the dream of working in theater. She is just so amazingly funny and so very real.

Hunter Stone is an actor from a highly popular vampire show.

Celeste has been trying for years to meet her celebrity crush (Hunter) at cons. OMG the timeline of her failures is pure gold and even after they do meet their still are some snafus before they really get together.

This book is light romance in the most beautiful way. It feels like a fairy tale at times, because Celeste is still trying to make it...and Hunter is already there and is very much the handsome....wait for it.....Prince of Darkness. (Sorry..I had to do it).

What I love about these two characters and their romance is that THE ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON!! That's actually one thing that annoys me in so many books in this genre. Celeste is a theater nerd and Hunter has a passion for theater even though he's in a hit tv show. Yes, opposites attract, sometimes, but I love that with this book, its friendship that moves to romance. That works so much better and makes things feel more believable.

The best part about this book for me is that I never got angry at it. I have been having a terrible time reading lately and this book was perfect for me. It made me laugh. I enjoyed every minute reading it, which isn't something I can say about most books I've read this year!


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