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HFV Book Tours Book Review: His Castilian Hawk


His Castilian Hawk by Anna Belfrage

Publication Date: September 28, 2020
Troubador Publishing

Genre: Historical Fiction

For bastard-born Robert FitzStephan, being given Eleanor d’Outremer in marriage is an honour. For Eleanor, this forced wedding is anything but a fairy tale.

Robert FitzStephan has served Edward Longshanks loyally since the age of twelve. Now he is riding with his king to once and for all bring Wales under English control.

Eleanor d’Outremer—Noor to family—lost her Castilian mother as a child and is left entirely alone when her father and brother are killed. When ordered to wed the unknown Robert FitzStephan, she has no choice but to comply.

Two strangers in a marriage bed is not easy. Things are further complicated by Noor’s blood-ties to the Welsh princes and by covetous Edith who has warmed Robert’s bed for years.

Robert’s new wife may be young and innocent, but he is soon to discover that not only is she spirited and proud, she is also brave. Because when Wales lies gasping and Edward I exacts terrible justice on the last prince and his children, Noor is determined to save at least one member of the House of Aberffraw from the English king.

Will years of ingrained service have Robert standing with his king or will he follow his heart and protect his wife, his beautiful and fierce Castilian hawk?

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Review:  Anna Belfrage is one of those authors that I always go to when I want a book that I know I'll enjoy. I also usually need quite a bit of time to read them, because Anna Belfrage is the Queen of chonky books. I think I say this every time I read one of her books too

She always weaves perfect stories of history and fiction. In this one we go back to the time of Edward Longshanks with one of his loyal subjects and an arranged marriage that grows into so much more.

Robert and Noor have a wonderful love story, and it really becomes that. I loved the two of them, and their marriage faced so many struggles to become what it was, a true love match.

Robert had a mistress, Edith who is evil personified. I don't think I've ever read a book where I've hated a character so much.  Even if you aren't prone to having emotions towards characters, YOU WILL HATE HER and all those that surround her. Let me tell you you will spend a lot of time in this book hating her, because she's not dealt with until close to the end.

Then there's Noor. I love her. She's strong. She's driven by her heart which often gets her in trouble and she fights for what is hers.

I love the dynamics of this story. Its so much a family saga in some ways, with Robert's family and even with the things we learn about Noor's family, especially in relation to the Queen.

I loved so much about this book, because you get political aspect of the time, but you also get the court aspects and dramas surrounding King Edward and Queen Eleanor.

Its amazing reading really.

My only gripe was what happened to Noor's dog. I will say in most books...what happened would have been a deal breaker. I would have set the book down and never moved on, but I had to keep pressing on.

As always Anna leaves you wanting more and thankfully this is the start of a new series, so we can be guaranteed just that.

Rating: 5 flowers

About the Author

Had Anna been allowed to choose, she’d have become a time-traveller. As this was impossible, she became a financial professional with two absorbing interests: history and writing. Anna has authored the acclaimed time travelling series The Graham Saga, set in 17th century Scotland and Maryland, as well as the equally acclaimed medieval series The King’s Greatest Enemy which is set in 14th century England.

More recently, Anna has published The Wanderer, a fast-paced contemporary romantic suspense trilogy with paranormal and time-slip ingredients. While she loved stepping out of her comfort zone (and will likely do so again ) she is delighted to be back in medieval times in her September 2020 release, His Castilian Hawk. Set against the complications of Edward I’s invasion of Wales, His Castilian Hawk is a story of loyalty, integrity—and love.

Find out more about Anna on her website or on her Amazon page. You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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Castilian Hawk


Anna Belfrage said...

Ha! Chunky books, hey? I always intend to write shorter books, but then teh story takes off and there i am, writing yet another chunky book while realising i have just started on a new series... Thank you for participating in my blog tour & for your lovely review!

Passages to the Past said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed His Castilian Hawk! Thank you for hosting Anna's blog tour!

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