Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Chick Ponders Bookish Things: Book Boyfriends

There's a cute little feature over at Romance At Random to find your next book here to give it a try.

Sadly, I'll never have a book boyfriend, because my ideal type of guy just isn't written about in romance novels, or really in any kind of novels.

See, I don't like big, buff military men, or cowboys, or the next billionaire or sheikh of some made up country. I like the geeky guys, or someone dashing. Heck, I think Peter Capaldi is a pretty hot guy. That's not your typical romantic hero, if you know what I mean. And really, most women seem to love Benedict Cumberbatch, but I wouldn't call him your typical romantic hero...same goes for Tom Hiddleston and Ioan Gruffudd. I personally think all of them are hotties.

But the feature is really cute and it will point you to some fabulous reads. (And really, who doesn't need more books!)

So what do you look for in a book boyfriend?


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