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TLC Book Tours Book Review: Butternut Summer

Author: Mary McNear
Title: Butternut Summer
Publisher: William Morrow
Publish Date: Aug 12, 2014
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Book Blurb: 
Caroline’s life is turned upside down the moment her ex-husband, Jack, strides through the door of her coffee shop. He seems changed—stronger, steadier, and determined to make amends with Caroline and their daughter, Daisy. Is he really different, or is he the same irresistibly charming but irresponsible man he was when he left Butternut Lake eighteen years ago? Caroline, whose life is stuck on pause as her finances are going down the tubes, is tempted to let him back into her life . . . but would it be wise?

For Caroline’s daughter, Daisy, the summer is filled with surprises. Home from college, she’s reunited with the father she adores—but hardly knows—and swept away by her first true love. But Will isn't what her mother wants for her—all Caroline can see is that he’s the kind of sexy “bad boy” Daisy should stay away from.

As the long, lazy days of summer pass, Daisy and Caroline come to realize that even if Butternut Lake doesn’t change, life does. . . .

Review: This is book two in the Butternut Lake Trilogy. If you are a fan of romances set in small towns, think Debbie Macomber and Robyn Carr, you will love these books.

In Butternut Summer we see the life and romances of a mother and daughter. We also get a cliffhanger ending that is making me wish for May of 2015, like right now!!!

But let's put that cliffhanger aside. (Well, I'll try) This book is about second chances and a bit of the old opposites attract as well as redemption.

I'm not sure which couple I liked the most. It was really interesting to see developing relationships for both the mother and the daughter. That doesn't happen that often in romance.  I also loved revisiting the characters from the first book. I loved Allie and Jax, and of course, Walker and Wyatt.

This is a great read for those of us that need more than the blossom of first love as well as characters that feel like they could be part of  your own neighborhood. (Well if you lived in a super cool town like Butternut). There were a lot of things that Caroline had to forgive and accept with Jack, and she had to deal with how she felt about her current beau, Buster.

Then there's Daisy and Will. Daisy is your All American Girl, smart, pretty and athletic. She's about to start her final year in college, when she meets a former bad boy, Will. Her goodness somehow makes Will care about where his life is going, and how he treats people.

I adored Will. At times their relationship felt a bit like a fairytale, because he changed so much so fast, but that didn't stop me from loving them.

But now for that ending....AH...let's just say the cliffhanger involves one of their relationships!

It is nice when the second book in the trilogy is as good as the first. Now I really really can't wait for book three, because of that ending!! ARGH! (I Argh in a good way)

Rating: 5 flowers


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