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TLC Book Tours Book Review: Memory Card Full

Author: Liz Weber
Title: Memory Card Full
Publisher: Greenpoint Press
Publish Date: Sept 15, 2014
Review Copy Provided By: TLC Book Tours & the author
Book Blurb: 
A book for anyone who has loved and lost and found the space in that loss to become the person they were meant to be.

When Rufus, Liz Weber’s oddly proportioned but adorable dog dies of old age, her life begins to unravel. She is forced to let go of the one constant in her life and move forward. Memory Card Full is a memoir of her life as a bartender, model and aspiring writer in Manhattan before and after Rufus. Without him, she is alone and broken-hearted and her life spirals downward while her friends and family struggle to understand what she is going through.

Prior to Rufus’s death, Liz Weber’s life was far from dull. Whether serving drinks to a gaggle of quirky regulars at a bar or walking around in her skivvies for extra cash as a lingerie model, she fought hard to remain a self-proclaimed “professional free spirit” and aspiring writer, even it meant enduring a lush for a manager or a cranky, Israeli-folk-music-loving boss. None of it really mattered as long as she had Rufus, who taught her about unconditional love in an untraditional way.

Memory Card Full is the story of Liz’s journey through grief, which leads to an unexpected encounter with the long unheard voice of the woman inside of her. On water skis at an adult sleepaway camp, Liz realizes that there are important things in life that Rufus’ love had caused her to avoid. Embracing her power and strength, she is finally able to accept that letting go of him is the best way to go on and find love for herself and others.

Frank, funny, and deeply moving, Memory Card Full is a memoir for anyone who has loved and lost and found the space in that loss to become the person they were meant to be.

Review:  This review was very very hard for me to write. I lost my little J.J. a little over a week prior to reading this. To say that I cried during some parts of this book would be an understatement. Losing a pet is heartbreaking, and that part of the story will do just that, break your heart into a million tiny little pieces.

I really enjoyed reading about Liz's life in part one, when Rufus was still alive. She has one of those crazy lives that I think we all secretly want for a day or so, not necessarily glamorous or anything that brings about wads of cash, but crazy in a way that makes you feel alive.

Liz seems like a really fun person, but as I read about her recovery from the loss of her dog I did learn one thing about her. She loved Rufus, but I'm not sure she is an animal lover. There were times when I felt that she blamed Rufus for holding her back from finding love. And she was definitely the kind of pet owner that doesn't jump on the band wagon to get a new animal afterwards. But I guess some people aren't meant to open their hearts to more than one animal in their lifetime. The loss is too hard. So I can forgive her that.

This was a really fun memoir to read. It is full of crazy and of course, sad, but overall it was nice to see Liz finding herself and doing what she wanted to do.

However, no vacation would cause me to delete any photos of a beloved pet..but I am a crazy animal lady.

Rating: 4 flowers


trish said...

Wow, that's crazy timing with the book. I'm so sorry you lost your pet. :( That's always hard.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book as part of the tour!

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