Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Review: Doctor Who: Heart Of Stone

Author: Trevor Baxendale
Title: Heart Of Stone
Publisher: Random House UK
Publish Date: Nov 19, 2015
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Book Blurb: 
The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory are surprised to discover lumps of moon rock scattered around a farm. But things get even stranger when they find out where the moon rock is coming from - a Rock Man is turning everything he touches to stone! Can the Doctor and his friends find out what the creature wants before it's too late?
Review: This was quite possibly one of the best Doctor Who books that I've read. Trevor Baxendale really brought 11, Amy and Rory to life again. Doctor Who books should always leave you wishing that it was an actual episode. This is definitely one of those books.

The Doctor and the Ponds land in a pigsty on a farm where a rock monster is wrecking havoc. I loved the Conway family, especially the loyalty between daughter and father. Then there's Jess' boyfriend Chris. He works for a research facility and it takes awhile to figure out if he's a good guy or a villain.

The story's monster is The Rock Man, who is made from something in moon rock, and everything he touches turns to stone, including a few of the stories characters. The Doctor has to make sure that the Earth doesn't turn into a big old moon rock.

I have a soft spot for the Eleventh Doctor and an even softer spot the Ponds. I totally loved it. It is a breezy read. One that you can get through in about the same time it takes to watch the 50th Anniversary Special.

If you are a fan of Matt Smith's Doctor, this is definitely one of the stories you must read!!!

Rating: 5 flowers


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