Sunday, April 1, 2018

Book Review: Eggs In Purgatory

Author: Laura Childs
Title: Eggs In Purgatory
Publisher: Berkeley
Publisher: Dec 2, 2008
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Book Blurb: 

Introducing the Cackleberry Club Mysteries...

Suzanne, Toni, and Petra lose their husbands but find independence when they open the Cackleberry Club. Then their cozy cafe becomes the scene of a crime when a lawyer dies with a secret on his lips and egg on his face. What this all has to do with a religious cult and Suzanne?s past could put her own life on the line.

Review:  I love Laura's Tea Shop Mysteries. I read those when I can find them. I have wanted to give the Cackleberry Club series for awhile, and I finally got to start a series with book 1.

This book took a little longer than I would have liked to finish. The mystery was slow and the premise for me felt like it was an amalgamation of her other series. They have teas, they have knitting and there is a restaurant and book store. I want to know where there are places like this in the actual world, because I would so want to go there, but I can't imagine a shop like that surviving in a real town.

Suzanne, Toni and Petra are all looking for new beginnings, but when Suzanne's lawyer ends up murdered outside and he seems to have secrets that involve Suzanne's late husband things get really complicated

I enjoyed the story, but it got bogged down with a lot of filler. There was so much going on in the ladies lives, as well as the mystery and I think that's what made this book a little harder for me to get into.

I had to remind myself that this is a first book in a series, so you have to have a certain amount of time spent getting to know the characters.

I really didn't figure out the killer.

I'm hoping this series gets better, because I have a few books on my TBR pile

Rating: 4 flowers


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