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Barclay Book Spotlight: Uncovering Lily

Are you ready to spend a night with Xavier?
New Erotic Romantic Suspense from Rene Webb – Uncovering Lily out June 7th!
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Title: Uncovering Lily
Author: Rene Webb
Series: MacKay International
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 7, 2018
Length: 33,000 words
Format: Digital

Businessman, Xavier Finch was at the brothel to meet with a potential investor. He never intended to spend the night. When he sees Lily he instantly recognizes her, but she doesn’t remember him.

Now Xavier has only one night to make her his.

Are you ready to spend the night with Xavier?

Virgin, Lily MacKay has been drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned in a Hong Kong brothel with no way of escaping. And she’s tried. Will the man she’s been given to for the night be her worst nightmare or her rescuer?

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Excerpt :
Slowly I widen my stance, opening my legs, my heart racing at how vulnerable I am now. Not that I wasn’t before, but this feels worse for some reason.
I’m naked. Alone. And opening myself up to this man.
One of his hands moves to grab my ass firmly in his palm, holding me steady. With the other, he raises two fingers and places them on my lips. I open my mouth wordlessly, and he thrusts them inside.
“Suck,” he growls, his golden eyes sparking with desire.
I do what I’m told, trying to ignore how good his salty masculine skin tastes, and pretending not to imagine or wonder what sucking another part of his anatomy would be like.
“Enough.” The man pulls his fingers from my mouth. His eyes widen with shock when I nip at the tips of his fingers in retaliation, and I see another hint of a sexy smile.
He moves his hand down to my pussy and spreads my lips, using his saliva soaked fingers to probe my entrance.
“You’re fuckin’ tight,” he groans, slowly forcing not just one but two thick fingers into me.
“Please,” I gasp, grabbing onto his forearms, the strong thick muscles briefly distracting me from the burn of being stretched and invaded.
“Relax,” he snaps, squeezing my bottom roughly.
“Sir. Please,” I groan as his fingers continue their inspection.
“You weren’t lying,” the man says casually as his thumb pushes its way between my outer lips. My body jerks when it hits my clit. He begins caressing it gently with his calloused digit. My traitorous body responds, relaxing under his spell. The man’s fingers are still inside of me, and I can feel myself aching in places I didn’t know existed.
“How come no one’s ever fucked your gorgeous body before?” he asks conversationally. I look up into his face, which no longer seems cold. With every gentle stroke against my clit, my body is betraying me.
“I never met any man I wanted touching me,” I admit breathlessly.
“Do you like me touching you?” he whispers lazily into my ear as he nuzzles my neck.
Before I can answer, he slowly slides his fingers partially out of my sex, before sliding them back in, all the while continuing to tease my clit.
“No,” I lie as my sex floods with pleasure, wetting the man’s fingers with my cream.
“Liar,” he replies amused, continuing his ministration. “Well, I certainly enjoy touching you.”

Author Bio:
Rene Webb, a former Catholic schoolgirl and child of the ‘80’s, is a recovering Soap Opera addict who grew up watching General Hospital. She became weary with the relentless drama and sought out stories with happy endings that lasted. Now, Rene is an contemporary romance author, where there is always a happily-ever-after!
A graduate of The George Washington University in Washington DC, 05’, with a BA in History. Rene went on to get her Masters in Film Studies, 09’, from Chapman University, Orange CA.
She founded and runs the book blog Lit. 4 Ladies (a joint venture with her sister) and has self-published both a novella and full-length contemporary romance novel.
Authors such as Jane Austen, Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair, Sierra Cartwright, Donna Fletcher, Jennifer Ashley, and Bianca Giovanni have inspired her. They all create strong female characters, swoon-worthy men, and stories that leave their readers with the hope that you, too, will find your own H.E.A.!
Rene also enjoys reading, baking, seeing movies, going to museums, and spending time with her friends and family.
Rene lives in Arlington, VA.
You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook Reader Group

Follow the tour and enter to #win a $25 Amazon Gift Card or one of 3 digital copies of Finding Sunshine by Rene Webb






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