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TLC Book Tours Book Review: Because I'm Worth It

About Because I'm Worth It

• Paperback: 346 pages
• Publisher: TouchPoint Press (March 1, 2018)

An impressive contract combined with lavish perks influence Skye Topple to marry the boss’ daughter, Delaney Mae Anne Covington, a self-centered and spoiled southern belle. The “perfect” wedding is threatened when an alarming secret refuses to stay hidden. With no regard for anyone other than herself and her daughter, Delaney’s alcoholic mother takes control, inserting irrational solutions that leave mother and daughter looking foolish while a baby’s life, a grandmother’s love, and a man’s career hang in the balance. This is certainly not a North meets South story—more like South moves North and meets West, where what works for one family may not work for another. Choices must be made. Lives will be changed. One thing is for sure… Skye is smack dab in the middle when Big Sur life meets country club values.

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Review: I'm really not sure what to say about this book. Its not often than books leave me speechless, and I'm not 100 % sure its in a good way.

In the beginning of the book we are introduce to the young Melissa and the young Terrie Sue Ellen. There is no time frame mentioned in the book so it was hard at first to figure out when things were taking place.

Terri Sue Ellen and her whole family...OMG what a hateful, despicable, spoiled, rich bunch of PIGS. I had to keep reminding myself these were characters in a book and not real people. If they were, they would be the 1% that most of us peons can't stand, and for good reason.  Terri Sue Ellen is a drunk, a racist and a clueless hot mess and her dialogue makes you want to slap her silly. And dear lord her obsession with boobs and penises at 13 was a little bit scary. And her enabling father and husband needed to have some sense knocked into them. I can't imagine any "real" men putting up with the behavior. Seriously, was she that good in bed?

Oh and the southern dialogue with "Mah and Ah" made me wonder if these characters where satirical. All the other characters knew how awful they were. But then I wondered, how they let Terri Sue and Delaney get away with all there malarkey. 

Then there's Melissa and Harm's son Skye. Here's another piece of work. He has loving parents (about the only characters in the book you don't want to toss off a cliff) and he has no appreciation for them. He's a materialistic SCUMBAG, from the time he is a teenager and he doesn't get much better as he ages.

Truth be told, Delaney, who is almost as big a hot mess as her mother, (except she's not a drunk) is really the perfect match for Skye. They could be rich idiots together. 

I desperately wanted Melissa to tell Delaney off. No, I wanted her to hit her upside the head with a cast iron skillet, not as much as I wanted her to tell her son off though.


And then the secret that comes out at the end that really proves how detestable Skye is..

The book was more than 2/3's through when Melissa finally started to give Skye, what for. I literally cheered. That was actually when I started to enjoy the book a bit more and not want to toss it at a wall.

In the last 50 or so pages, Skye becomes less of a jerk, however that didn't change Delaney or her family.

The ending made me want to scream just a little bit too.

Reading this has left me emotionally exhausted, much like watching the news does these days.

Rating: 3 flowers

About Linda Nielsen

Linda's first book, Lasso the Stars, was published in 2011 under L.L. Nielsen. Her newest novel, Because I’m Worth It, is scheduled for release by TouchPoint Press in early 2018.

Find out more about Linda at her website, and find all her books at Author Central page.


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