Monday, June 3, 2019

Cover Reveal: Bloodsucking Lawyer

Cover Reveal for BLOODSUCKING LAWYER by Nadia Diament
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We are excited to share the super sexy cover for debut author Nadia Diament’s
BLOODSUCKING LAWYER. Keep reading to take a closer look at the cover, and
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Title: Bloodsucking Lawyer
Author: Nadia Diament
Release Date: June 18, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Series: Tucson Underworld, Book 1
Genres: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Emma left her career in corporate law to pursue her passion for criminal defense, but
she can’t seem to catch a break. So when she lands an interview at a small law firm,
she’s more than thrilled. But she has no idea what she’s in for.

Turns out it’s not just any law firm, and Henry—her new boss—isn’t exactly, well…human.

Apparently he drinks blood instead of coffee, and his client list consists of creatures that go
bump in the night. But, the way Emma sees it, if she can get through law school, she can
handle a few pothead werewolves and shoplifting witches. So she stays.

There’s just one thing she didn’t count on, and that’s catching feelings for her new vampire
boss. Henry and his fangs become a temptation too hard to ignore, and no matter how hard
she tries, she still falls for him.

Problem is, everyone knows office romances have the tendency to crash and burn.
But when your boss is a bloodsucking lawyer, odds are it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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Author Nadia Diament:

Nadia Diament writes paranormal and contemporary romance with equal servings of heat and humor.
No stranger to a U-Haul, she’s lived in Arizona, South Dakota, and Washington, DC. She currently
lives with her husband in Chicago, where she tinkers with fountain pens and loiters in coffee shops.
Bloodsucking Lawyer is her debut novel.

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