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Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours Book Review: The Process of Fraying

The Process of Fraying by Jess Neal Woods

Publication Date: January 5, 2019
Paperback & eBook; 446 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Violet is a pillar of hospitality and compassion within her community. As a farmer’s wife and mother of a large brood, she is resolute, thrifty, and charming. The life that is woven between the land and her family is one of harmony and beauty. When she begins to struggle with depression, her demeanor changes. At first, the change is subtle, but it becomes increasingly problematic as Violet struggles with bouts of incapacitating depression and anxiety and visions of self-harm. A candle flame offers a way to feel, even if it is the pain of a burn. Her beloved creek becomes ominous as it beckons to her. Having no real understanding of what is happening within her, Violet turns to both the religious and medical communities for guidance. Both fail her. With her identity stripped away and her family reeling from the aftermath, Violet must determine if she can make peace with the changes within herself before she is consumed by them. The Process of Fraying is a historical family drama that explores the social, religious, and medical stigmas surrounding mental health in the 1940s.

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About the Author

Jess is a debut novelist in historical fiction centering around the WWII era. A graduate of Indiana University, Jess holds a degree in English. When she is not reading or writing, she teaches English (literature and composition) courses online to high school students. Jess currently resides in upstate New York with her husband, Josh, their three children, and their two dogs. Though she is a Georgia native, Jess has lived in a multitude of states. Each place gives her writing fresh flare and direction as she is exposed to new people, stories, and experiences.

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Review: There are some books that you can sum up in a few words and that's not because there isn't a lot to say about the book. This is one of those books. I have spent days trying to find the words to say how I felt about this book and nothing seemed adequate

Violet's story left me emotionally gutted. That's really all I can say without going into the story, that I don't want to spoil for you. Suffice to say if you think there is a stigma around mental health issues today, it was much worse in the 1930s when this book is set.

As I read, I recalled conversations with my mother about a friend of hers that went through the electric shock treatment. I remember reading about Rosemary Kennedy and when lobotomy was brought up in the story, I wanted to throw my kindle at the wall.

My heart ached and broke into tiny shards while reading this book. I felt for Violet's family and for her husband, Miles who was trying to do his best. 

I grew angry at the way Violet was treated in the institutions, because I've read a lot about mental health and I know that though much has changed it took a long time for it to happen.

I wanted to gather Violet in my arms and remind her that she was loved.

Mostly I wanted to find Margaret and tar and feather that nasty piece of work that called herself a friend.

All I can say is that this book was simply amazing and one that should not be missed though it will take a piece of your heart with you.

Rating: 5 flowers (and a lot of tears)


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I loved this one too! So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for hosting the blog tour!

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