Thursday, March 12, 2020

Book Review: The Wives

Author: Tarryn Fisher
Title: The Wives
Publisher: Graydon House
Publish Date: Dec 30, 2019
Buy: Amazon
Book Blurb: Thursday’s husband, Seth, has two other wives. She’s never met them, and she doesn’t know anything about them. She agreed to this unusual arrangement because she’s so crazy about him.

But one day, she finds something. Something that tells a very different—and horrifying—story about the man she married.

What follows is one of the most twisted, shocking thrillers you’ll ever read.

You’ll have to grab a copy to find out why.

Review: This book is so...

OMG WTF is this book.

Its a train wreck of goodness combined with, what the hell is happening here.

I still don't know what happened.

Thursday is part of a polygamist relationship. Seth has two other wives, whose names we learn as the story goes on.

Thursday is the middle wife who is longing to know about the others. So no, this isn't a "sister wives" kind of thing.

Its kind of creepy and from the start I wanted to give Thursday a good shake for not getting out a relationship where you see your husband one day a week.

She accidentally finds out about wife three and then starts a quest to learn more and then she learns more about wife one..and it all spirals downhill from there.

Midway through the book we are thrown a curve ball in the story that leaves your head spinning and by the end the book you should feel mentally exhausted.

This book was one helluva wild ride!

Rating: 4 flowers


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