Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Review: Chocolate Muse

Author: Zelda Benjamin
Title: Chocolate Muse
Publisher: Avalon Books
Publish Date: Aug 5, 2011
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Book Blurb: 
Pastry chef Maddie Higgins is horrified when her prize-winning torta di chocolate gets a bad review. Choking critics is never a good thing, and she loses her job before the scathing article hits the morning paper. Forced to take a job in a friend's bakery and teach a children's evening class to make ends meet, she vows vengeance on the man responsible for her damaged reputation. But when she realizes that the father of two of her students is her nemesis, the charming food writer Brad Angelo, her anger deflates faster than an overcooked soufflé.

Brad, a single father struggling to balance parenting and his syndicated food column, is completely clueless about the trouble he's caused Maddie. He finds her evasive attitude and chocolate talent to be intriguing parts of her allure, but isn't sure he's ready to create a life that might be messier than melted chocolate when their secrets are slowly revealed.

Review: This was really a sweet romance, and the pun is definitely intended here. Maddie's career is ruined by one bad review of her torta di chocolate by Brad Angelo, and yet somehow Brad has made his way into Maddie's life, not knowing she's the soap powder tort chef.

The relationship that grows between Maddie and Brad is as sweet as chocolate. Have I mentioned that? Really, it is.

I found it hard to believe that Brad didn't  remember the name of the chef whose dessert sent him to the ER, but if he did, this story wouldn't have been as wonderful as it was.

I loved Brad's family, Nona and his twins, they really cemented the story together and their interactions with Maddie, especially when she was teaching her cooking class. The part where Sophia and Maddie make a giant chocolate chip cookie will give you warm fuzzy feelings.

This is a super quick read. I read it in a few hours. The romance is cleaner than a Harlequin Romance, so no sex here, just lots of talk about chocolate! One could polish off a bag of Dove chocolates while reading this book...or maybe two bags!

You'll definitely have some cravings by the time you turn the last page!

This was great fun!

Rating:  5 flowers


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