Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review: Rules Of Engagement

Author: Tawny Weber
Title: Rules Of Engagement
Publish Date: Feb 11, 2014
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Review Copy Provided By: The author in exchange for an honest review
Book Blurb: Take Valentine’s Day, a wedding and dancing in the moonlight, and what do you get? A sexy solider home on leave getting crazy over a girl all wrong for him… who feels so right.

Gina Mayes doesn’t know what it is about sexy soldier Rico Santiago that makes her start thinking crazy thoughts. Hot sex, that she understands. But the need to play house and make his ever-after a happy one? Thats just weird. But when she finds herself rolling around naked in the garden with him, she has to wonder… Do a by-the-book guy like Rico and a wild girl like her have a shot? Or is it just the aftereffects of one of Cupid’s Valentine’s arrows?

Review: Do you like to read before bed? Do you not want to stay up all night because you want to finish one last chapter? Well Tawny Weber's quick read, Rules Of Engagement is definitely a great read for before bedtime. (OK maybe slightly before bedtime, because it is pretty steamy)

Rico and Gina are opposites who have known each other for awhile, he's her bff's brother. He's a soldier and looking for a 50s kinda gal. Gina is anything but.

The fun part is how they click at the wedding, and how they really might have something, if they give it a go.

There's some spicy sex in the garden that is up to Tawny's Blaze standards.

If you are looking for a quick read. This is more than worth your time!

Rating: 5 flowers


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