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Goddess Fish Promotions Book Review: Single and Looking, Daisy

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Daisy will turn 40 in eleven months and has never married. Her family figures Daisy is a loser because she is still in college trying to avoid paying off her student loans which have amassed over 22 years of a miseducation. And all Daisy has is a cat to keep her company. To make the crises worse, her cat begins talking to Daisy, when she is sober! The mess of Daisy's life is even kookier because the cat is cursing and smoking now and drinking more alcoholic beverages. Mm, there must be a connection to all this flowing alcohol, which may explain the bubbly in Daisy's brain. Her sisters and mother insist on setting Daisy up on six blind dates and all the men are named after liquor.

A heartwarming, LOL book that will make you smile.

Read an Excerpt:

Alrighty then, Daisy would dive into the swamp of blind dating, feet first. She would trust her sisters to hunt down the right man for her, men vetted by referrals, five blind dates. From the lucky candidates, she would choose which man was right for her.

Daisy leaned back against the sofa with her eyes closed. The experience would be like The Bachelorette television show, starring her.

Daisy could see herself arriving in a white stretch limo wearing movie-star sunglasses.

She waves her hand at the crowds lined with encouraging posters.




She climbs out of the limo, wearing a white fur coat and walking as if she owns the world.

Two yummy tuxedo-dressed men swing open the doors for her.

She smiles with sparkling-diamond teeth as each doorman kisses a hand.

There stand five hunky handsome men, each with a rose twirling in his hand.

She spins to the camera, showing a flash of panty and making the men swoon.

Hi, I’m Daisy, and I’m your newest Bachelorette.”

Daisy winks at the camera. “You’re in for some steamy hot tub moments this season so don’t change the channel. I may seem like a lunatic talking to my cat, but I’m not crazy. Trust me.”

She drops the fur coat exposing the strait jacket she’s wearing until Shakespeare stuck his rear in her face, tail up. “Scratch my butt, won’t you Daisy? There’s a good girl; I can’t reach that spot.”

Review:  This is probably one of the funniest books I've read in a long time. Daisy is nearly 40 and a hot mess. She has a cat that suddenly starts talking in a British accent and her family want her to find a man.

Perish the thought that a woman could be complete without a man.

Daisy was just unbelievable and the blind dates, and the names of the blind dates! It really is absolutely hilarious. I felt so bad for her and then again I didn't.

I have to admit I questioned whether or not her sisters (all that have D names) really loved her, because the guys they set her up with were real doozies.

All that aside, it is hard not to read this book without laughing out loud.

The real star of this book was Shakespeare the cat and all the note and websites that ended the chapters.

I have to admit I kept thinking that this would make a hilarious romcom and not in the sappy way a lot of them are, but a more physical type of comedy a'la Jim Carrey.

This was a super fast, fun read. If you need a book that's a real pick me up, this one is it!

Rating: 5 flowers

About the Author:
Belinda Austin writes Women's Fiction, Romanic Comedy, Humor, Psychological Thrillers and Suspense. She has a degree in Applied Mathematics and once worked as a Software Engineer. She was born in the Los Angeles Area and is an award-winning author. She is a Zumbaholic.

Belinda, also, writes Science Fiction and Fantasy under the name of B. Austin. She writes Historical Fiction under the name of Belinda Vasquez Garcia, along with Middle Grade Fiction.

She has occasionally dreamt or her cat, Shakespeare, talking to her in English. She once had a cat named Whiskey who used to sit like a human in a chair for half an hour or more with an empty beer can on his head, which proves that life often emulates fiction.


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