Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review: Part-Time Wife

Author: Susan Mallery
Title: Part-Time Wife
Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition
Publish Date: 1996
Rating: 5 Stars
Book Blurb: Rugged Craig Haynes came from a long line of lady-killers. Lately, though, the single dad was targeting only Jill Bradford, his sons' new nanny. Two parts sweetness, one part sin, the petite redhead proved a wizard with his rambunctious boys. So what made this miracle-worker insist she was strictly hired help? Could a houseful of Haynes males ambush her wary heart...and make her a mother and wife

Review: There's a reason Susan Mallery is still at the top of her game, it is because she creates characters that are real to everyone that picks up one of her books. In this case, Jill, a divorced woman, desperately looking for love, but a bit wary after many bad relationships. She wants family. So does Craig, the cop, that hired her to be the nanny for his 3 sons.

Susan writes the interactions between the boys and Jill so well. It is heartwarming to watch those relationships grow, especially with the oldest son Ben, who is struggling with weight issues.

The inner struggle that Jill deals with when she becomes intimately involved with Craig is also done well, though I'm not sure a woman just recovering from chicken pox would hurriedly jump in bed with anyone, however hot. Still the consummation of their attraction works well where it occurs in the story.

This is a couple that the readers want to get together and stay together almost from the beginning. Susan writes a witty romance that we all wish was ours. Definitely a must read.


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