Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Got My Nook!!

I'm so excited! I got my Nook today after much deliberation if I should go ahead and splurge.

I bought the cheaper of the two versions. Now I have to go to Starbucks to  register it...or some other wifi hotspot.

I'm just so excited that I can get ARC books for 54 days to read on my nook from netgallery! More books for me to read! My nook already has about 20 books on it!

I'll be doing a little happy dance now, as I download some more books to fill it. I really really like it!!!

Can I get a Squee?


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I love my Nook...and I just signed up for Netgalley but I'm not sure how to get the books onto my Nook yet. Congrats!

Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

Congratulations! I love my Nook too. Now I can read all of those digital-only books, and NetGalley is awesome!

Lover of Romance said...

I love NetGalley, although I am thinking the more books I read, the more tempted I am to get a nook, it sure would make things tons easier, than having to read things on my computer! Have fun playing around on it!

Sabrina @ about happy books said...

I'm excited to know how you like it.

I would have to order the Nook in the US and then pay extra for delivery and customs to Germany so I won't get one (it's the same with the Kindle).

Nikki-ann said...

Big squee! I can't wait for my Kindle to arrive, though I've got a couple of weeks yet.

Rowena said...

Love the nook! I think it's such an awesome ebook reader.

Danielle, if you need help loading the books onto your nook, feel free to email me, I'll walk you through it. It's so easy too! =)

Happy reading with your nook!

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