Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Review: Snowbound Reunion #2

Snowbound Reunion (Mills & Boon Historical Romance)
Author: Barbara McMahon
Title: Snowbound Reunion
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Publish Date: Nov 2006
Book Blurb: Watching the snowflakes fall and make everything look perfect, Cath Morgan knows she's made the right decision to spend Christmas alone, far away from the city and her husband, Jake. For six years Cath has dreamed of more from her marriage--a husband who isn't off globe-trotting around the world and a home ringing with children's laughter.

Only Jake isn't about to let his wife go so easily. He has one Christmas to show how much he loves her--to share the secrets that have kept him away.

They just need this one chance to make their marriage beautiful again....
Review:  Snowbound Reunion was another Harlequin Romance that left me with a feeling of "WOW" when I turned the last page.  I really liked that the story involved a couple with marriage difficulties.  Which totally tossed the usual 25  year old virgin thing from the storyline!

Woo hoo!

Cath and Jake have a long distance marriage, and Cath has pretty much had it with not ever seeing her husband. Why bother being married if you almost never see the guy.

It makes a lot of sense, until Jake shows up at the home she inherited from her aunt.  The two of them have a chemistry, and it is obvious that they both love each other, so much so, that it is hard to believe that Cath would want the divorce she is pretty passionate about getting.

McMahon teaches Cath a lesson in love through a centuries old journal found in the cellar of the house, and through a little Christmas magic woven by Jake.

I love how the story of Tansy and Jonathan is entertwined with Cath and Jake's without making itself a story inside of a story.

She also paints Jake in a favorable light. Sure, you may get miffed at him for the information he withholds but not enough to stay mad. I'm also glad that in the epilogue, McMahon doesn't create a miracle for them.

This was another beautiful holiday love story. Bravo!

Rating:  5 flowers


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