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Book Review: Their Christmas Wish Come True #1

Their Christmas Wish Come TrueAuthor: Cara Colter
Title: Their Christmas Wish Come True
Publisher:  Harlequin Romance
Publish Date: Oct 9, 2007
Book Blurb: Forty days till Christmas...Can they open their hearts in time? Kirsten Morrison runs the Secret Santa Society and loves making others happy. Although she knows opening your heart can be painful, her secret wish is to find a special man to share Christmas with...

Volunteering to wrap children's gifts isn't something Michael Brewster would normally do. But, facing his first Christmas alone, he finds himself on Kirsten's doorstep.
As they work together, an undeniable attraction flares between them. Is a kiss under the mistletoe the start of their Christmas wish come true?

Review: Their Christmas Wish Come True, is Harlequin at its finest. This is one of the sweetest stories anyone can read. Both Kirsten and Michael are wounded souls at the holiday, for different reasons. Thanks to a neighbor, the two of them find each other and things begin to develop.

This story was really different in the grand scheme of Harlequin novels. Michael was a very wounded soul, but he was so lovable, that you hoped that Kirsten fell for him much faster than she did. He starts out looking like a playboy but it is soon apparent that he is anything but.

Kirsten is a very quirky heroine.  She's a little drab and possibly a little dull, wallowing in her grief and clinging to a love for a figurine collection called Little In Love. She's more than a little obsessed with these things too.

The two of them work to bring Christmas happiness to the less fortunate at the Secret Santa Society. Kirsten works hard, but Michael really brings life and more donations to the society thanks to his charm, and his bank account.  The volunteers at the society really bring life to the story too, especially Lulu!  She reminded me a bit of a toned down Lola from the Stephanie Plum novels. She had a lot of spunk.

It was also really refreshing  to see a hero in a Harlequin Romance sensitive and really caring from the getgo for the heroine. There was never any doubt that Michael was falling for Kirsten. Better still there wasn't any silly fight between the two that usually puts readers on pins and needles at the end. The happily ever after comes after a shattering revelation. (literally..but you'll have to read the book to understand that)

Cara Colter created a perfect romance for the holidays. I found myself wishing that this book could be adapted for TV. It would make a fabulous Hallmark Channel movie. Totally sweet. Totally Christmasy!

Rating: 5 flowers


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