Friday, January 14, 2011

How Many Books Are You Currently Reading

I used to have several books going at the same time. There would be one book in my purse for downtime, one in the bathroom, for tub reading and another that seemed to following me around the rest of the house.

Since getting a Nook, I pretty much stick to having one or two books going at the same time. One on my Nook and a hard copy of something else at home, sometimes.

This week we had a snowstorm and I left my Nook in my desk drawer at work. Can you say panic much? I was in the middle of Delirium when I was told to leave on Tuesday because the roads were getting bad. Wednesday wasn't any better and I was called off.  No Nook! So I promptly started reading Jane Porter's She's Gone Country, which is fabulous so far.

A few months ago I would have easily been able to go back to the other book, once I had my Nook back in my hot little hands, but now, I'm more anxious to finish the book I started at home.

So what about you? How many books do you read at a time? Do you ever finish one that you started later over one you had been reading?


Rebecca said...

I LOVE she's gone country. It was such a good book. I hope you enjoy it. Now that I have my Sony I read about two books at a time. The only time I don't have my Sony on sleep mode is when I have to get some paperbacks done. I will literally hit shut-off on the ereader so I won't be tempted. I actually like reading on my ereader better.
Before getting me e-reader I always read one book before reading another. great topic.

Nikki-ann said...

I pretty much stick to one book at a time, otherwise I get confused! :)

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