Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review: Big Decisions

Author: Linda Byler
Title: Big Decisions
Publisher: Good Books
Publish Date: March 2011
Buy: Amazon
Book Blurb: A romance novel by an Amish writer, based on true experiences! The third and final novel about Lizzie as she faces big decisions. Should she marry Stephen? Can she find happiness in her community?
Review: This was a very different kind of Amish story. Why? Lizzie isn't 100% good all the time, and she has a lot of questions. She also is really a bit of a shrew with her husband. It is hard at times to believe that they managed to be married with the way she nagged him, however, her character is oddly refreshing. Most Amish stories are so full of everyone being perfectly pious, that this lovable curmudgeonly stubborn girl/woman is quite the change.

Big Decisions it the third and final book in the Lizzie Searches For Love series, and it definitely made me want to go out and find the other books. What is even more interesting about the author, is that she is Amish! So of all the books out there about the Amish, this one really gives the proper perspective of a young Amish girl.

The pacing of the story was a bit off at times though. It almost felt like we were rushing through Lizzie's life to get to another point, especially when it came to her two pregnancies, but that could have a lot to do with the author's ...erm...Amishness.

I would love to see an Amish book that dealt with intimacy between the hero and heroine, but I guess that crosses the line of Christian fiction.

The best part about this "Lizzie" book is her relationship with Stephen. It isn't a grand passion, or at least it doesn't seem that way. These two are two stubborn peas in a pod, and it is fun to watch them continuously clash. Lizzie is truly the most stubborn female ever written!

This is a fun read from the Amish fiction genre. I'm glad I found it at my local YMCA.

Rating: 4 flowers


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