Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Review: Thursdays At Eight

Author: Debbie Macomber
Title: Thursdays At Eight
Publisher: Mira
Publish Date: June 29, 2010
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Book Blurb: Thursday, 8:00 a.m.
Mocha moments, breakfast club!

Every week, these words appear in the calendars of four women. Every week, they meet for breakfast — and to talk, to share the truths they’ve discovered about their lives. To tell their stories. To offer each other encouragement and unfailing support.

Clare has just been through a devastating and unexpected divorce. She’s driven by anger and revenge — until she learns something about her ex-husband that forces her to question her own actions. Forces her to look deep inside for the forgiveness she’s rejected…and the person she used to be.

Elizabeth is a widow, in her late fifties, a successful professional. A woman who’s determined not to waste another second of her life. And if that life should include romantic possibilities — well, why not?

Karen is in her twenties, and she believes these should be the years for taking risks, reaching for your dreams. Her dream is to be an actor. Except that her parents think she should be more like her sister, the very conventional Victoria!

Julia is turning forty this year. Her husband’s career is established, her kids are finally in their teens and she’s just started her own business. Everything’s going according to schedule — until she discovers she’s pregnant. That’s not part of the plan.

Thursdays at Eight

A time to think about lives lived, choices made. A time for friends…

Review: If you ever want to read a book that makes you feel like you are reading about your neighbors, pick up a Debbie Macomber book. This woman really knows life.

In Thursdays at Eight we meet four very different women at different points in their lives. In the year she takes us through, we get to see how they change and grow, but most of all we see their friendship.

The friendship is really what ties this book together. Sure this book could be about 4 women, but having them get together for breakfast every Thursday morning as a ritual they kept up as a result of a journal writing class is wonderful.

I instantly wanted to know these women. I wanted friendship like that. This isn't the "Friends" kind of friendship. It is more the "I know your heart and soul" kind of friendship.

There were so many ups and downs in the book; Liz falling for Dr. Sean Jamison; Clare dealing with her ex-husband and his cancer, Karen and her family/work issues and Julia and her pregnancy.

Nothing comes easy for any of them, but hey! that's how it is in real life. That's another thing I love about Debbie's books, they feel like a page out of life. She gives us the good and bad, and then ties it up with a bow for a happy ending.

This isn't a romance...and its not really chicklit....its woman's fiction...emotional fiction...and a fantastic read.

Rating: 5 flowers


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Great review. I've only read a couple of Debbie Macomber books, but I loved the ones I read.

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