Saturday, September 28, 2013

Book Review: Bride Of The Wind

Author: Heather Graham
Title: Bride Of The Wind
Publisher: Open Road Media
Publish Date: June 12, 2012
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Review Copy Provided By: Net Galley
Book Blurb: 
Trapped on the high seas by the pirate known as Dragonslayer, Lady Rose confronts her passionate past

The daughter of a wealthy Virginia planter, Lady Rose Woodbine curses fate for leading her to the court of the British King Charles-and into an unwanted marriage with the handsome and dangerous Lord Pierce DeForte.

His desire for Rose blinded Pierce to the dangerous machinations of his enemies. Banished from England, he lives the life of a pirate-seeking vengeance on those who betrayed him, including the woman he once called his wife. Pierce, now feared as the notorious pirate Dragonslayer, captures a ship carrying Rose. Once his bride, now his prisoner, she's determined to escape from him once and for all.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Heather Graham, including rare photos from the author's personal collection.

Review:  This is a reissue novel by Heather Graham when she was writing as Shannon Drake. You know it is a retro read, because if you look for the original cover art, Fabio is Lord Pierce DeForte.


I have to say this book just didn't do it for me, even though I love the setting. Restoration the court of Charles II. This is a fabulous time in history. (And a raunchy time too)

However I had problems with both the hero and the heroine. I couldn't like them. Rose was too hard headed, and she blindly accepts some pretty lousy treatment by Pierce. And speaking of Pierce, he automatically thinks the worst of Rose for some things that he simply doesn't have evidence to prove. I don't know which character I liked the least.

There's a lot of drama in this book and it mostly in the back story of Rose and Pierce.

If you were hoping this was going to be a swashbuckling pirate novel, you are going to be disappointed. The amount of time the characters spend on the high seas isn't worth mentioning. Most of the story is about how Rose and Pierce ended up as a couple. That is where the primary drama is, and that also explains how Pierce ended up being Dragonslayer.

I never quite figured out how these two managed to be in love with each other! If one night of drugged out lovemaking makes for a marriage..well there should be a lot of these weird marriages going on...oh wait their are..and they are mostly in Vegas!

The ending wasn't all that satisfying either. Everything wrapped up too nice and easy.

If you like the bodice rippers from the late 80s early 90s, you might try this one. As for me, it was just an ok read.

Rating: 3 flowers


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