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Book Review: Wrong Man, Right Kiss

Author: Red Garnier
Title: Wrong Man, Right Kiss
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Publish Date: Aug 6, 2013
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Book Blurb: What happens when the masks come off?

When one of the super sexy Gage brothers blows Molly Devaney away with a scorching kiss at a masquerade ball, she thinks she's met her soul mate. But why does her masked seducer act as if she doesn't exist the next day? To win him over, she'll make him jealous, so she turns to his brother Julian Gage, who offers to play the role of her lover.

But Julian is playing for keeps. There's nothing fake about the way this woman makes him feel, and now he's going to show her just which Gage brother is right for her….

Review:  This book had so much promise. I have been having a lot of problems with the Desire line. The stories just don't pack the punch that they used to. I love friends to lovers stories. The problem is that Jules and Molly are almost family, or at least they were raised like family.

In Wrong Man, Right Kiss, 23 year old Molly Devaney decides after one kiss at a masquerade that Garrett Gage is the man for her. Huh? If only it were that easy.

I think what my problem with this story was how unrealistic it was. Molly is a rising star in the art world and she's only 23? She's commanding prices around $150,000 for a mural? Oh and she's a virgin. That's almost as bad as Julian sleeping his way through all the women in the world because he was told he couldn't have Molly and she's the woman that he's loved since she was a girl.


I like romances because of the fantasy involved, but sometimes things can get to be a bit too out there, and this book is an example of things being a bit too much.

I found myself thinking many times over, this story would have worked better in the historical genre. Julian was such a rake, but he was too nice of one.

Then there was how Molly easily switched her affections from one brother to another once she learned the truth about her masquerade man.

The book does have its moments. The sex scenes are steamy and spicy and everything you could possibly want in a book from the Desire line. Molly and Jules also have some wonderful scenes, especially early on, before the fake relationship/real relationship starts.

I like Red Garnier's writing style and I loved the characters, I just wish I could have gotten on board with their story.

Rating: 3 flowers


Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Haven't read Garnier yet but have been thinking about it. Thanks for the heads up on this one. Sorry it didn't totally work for ya but glad there were a couple things that kept it an enjoyable read :)

herding cats & burning soup

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