Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review: Inherit The Word

Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
Title: Inherit The Word
Publisher: Penquin Book
Publish Date: March 4, 2014
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Book Blurb: 
Jenna Hart moved back to Crystal Cove, California, to recapture her joie de vivre and to help her aunt Vera run the local culinary bookshop and café. But it’s hard to follow a simple recipe for relaxation when murder gets thrown in the mix…

The Cookbook Nook is set to host the town’s upcoming Grill Fest, a tasty tradition which pits local amateur chefs against one another to concoct the most delicious dishes. This year’s challenge: grilled cheese. But with competing chefs bearing grudges from past years, more mouths are running off than savoring the fare.

The expression “too many cooks” proves all too true when the eight-time champ is found murdered in the alley behind the café. Soon a local diner owner (and Jenna’s “second mother”) is suspected of bumping off the competition, and Jenna has to douse the flames before the wrong person gets burned…

Review: I am really coming to love Crystal Cove! In book two of A Cookbook Nook Mystery, a local restaurant owners is found murdered in the alley behind the shop during the annual Grill Fest.

Inherit the Word, is really a fun read and the locals of Crystal Cove are full of quirky brilliance. Oh and I would so spend all my time at The Cookbook Nook and Cafe! The foods described will have you running for snacks while you turn the pages. (Thank goodness there are recipes included)

Jenna is coming along nicely as our resident amateur sleuth. She's out to clear her friend's name of Natalie's murder, and she has a mystery of her own to solve. Oh and Natalie's restaurant is called Mum's the Word.(Great tie in with the title of the book.) She finds a key in a cat statue that her husband had given her, and she has to figure out what it opens. I liked that there is real depth to Jenna. She's fun and she cares about people, plus she's not a great cook, she's really a beginner.

The real mystery is full of suspense. There are so many people with motives and just when you think you might have a clue who did it, you have to cross them off the list. Add another murder to the mix and the story gets even more interesting.

What you'll love about Jenna and her friends has to do with the lack of obnoxiousness they display. Sure they are trying to solve a murder that is the police department's job, but Jenna doesn't act like she's smarter than the cops. She wants to help.

Oh and for those of you that like a little romance, there's always Rhett. Nice that she only has one guy in her life too!

Definitely a great foodie cozy!

Rating: 5 flowers


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