Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book Review: Christmas At The Cove

Author: Rachel Brimble
Title: Christmas At The Cove
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
Publish Date: Nov 4, 2015
Book Blurb: 
More family for Christmas?

Scott Walker doesn't have time for a relationship. The sexy mechanic has career ambitions, not to mention a mother and three sisters to take care of. The last thing he needs is Carrie Jameson, the beauty he never forgot, arriving in Templeton Cove over the holidays with some unexpected news.

Scott still finds Carrie irresistible, and he's not one to shirk responsibility. Scott's issues with his own dad make the prospect of parenthood a minefield. But if he and Carrie can overcome their fears, this Christmas could bring them the best gift of all.

Review: I have been a fan of Rachel Brimble for ages now. When you read one of her books, you feel like you are reading about people that you could know and that is something that I always enjoy in a book, especially in romance where things often go the route of he unrealistic.

I liked the plot of the two lovers who had a one night stand that resulted in a child and the complications that arise when Carrie seeks out her daughters biological father. There's a lot of tension between her and Scott and a lot of chemistry as well.

Both characters end up being just what the other needs and they are characters that you will absolutely love. I also love returning to Templeton Cove. I really love having a cozy small town that isn't somewhere in the US. I've read all but one of the Templeton Cove books and I've enjoyed every one.

Scott has is a good time guy. His relationships with women are short and sweet. Some may call him a womanizer, while others would say he is a commitment-phobe.  A combination of two is kind of right. He also is dealing with being the man of the house because his dad left his family years prior.

Carrie, married a friend whom she loved, but not with any great intensity.

I had some issues with Carrie, because she seemed to think that she could keep Belle from Scott.  I'm pretty sure that if laws are similar in the UK to US law, Scott would just have to go to court to get visitation rights. However that is the one thing Carrie uses to make herself feel secure.

When everyone's family issues come to a head, it really makes things interesting.

This is another winner for Rachel.

Rating: 5 flowers


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