Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Book Review: Plum Pudding Murder

Author: Joanne Fluke
Title: Plum Pudding Murder
Publisher: Kensington Books
Publish Date: Oct 1, 2009
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Book Blurb:  The yuletide season in Lake Eden, Minnesota, guarantees a white Christmas, delectable holiday goodies from Hannah Swensen's bakery, The Cookie Jar—and murder…

The Cookie Jar's busiest time of the year also happens to be the most wonderful time...for Christmas cookies, Hannah's own special plum pudding—and romance! She also gets a kick out of “Lunatic Larry Jaeger’s Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot,” a kitschy carnival taking place smack-dab in the middle of the village green. But then Hannah discovers the man himself dead as a doornail in his own office...

Now, with so many suspects to investigate and the twelve days of Christmas ticking away, Hannah's running out of time to nab a murderous Scrooge who doesn't want her to see the New Year...

Review: I admit it, I'm addicted to the Hannah Swensen Mystery Series. I'm totally reading them out of order, but I don't care. The festive stories are the best, and this one was really great. It was really more story than mystery. In fact, the murder didn't happen until the story was almost over.

The best part of the story is always the recipes. Joanne develops the best cookie recipes. It is one of the reasons why I always go for these books.

The whole story revolves around  The Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot, who seems to be doing well but his books show otherwise. When more people seem to be finding out about what Larry's doing, he ends up dead and as always, Hannah is on the case. She found him, after all.

Cozy mysteries always make me laugh, because its hard to believe one small town could have so many murders and all found by the same woman. 

In the real world, Mike would have be be wondering if Hannah was a serial killer!

This is the twelfth book in the series, and Hannah is still dating two guys. I really wish Hannah would make a decision on which guy she wanted. I have to admit, I'm team Norman. I don't know why, but I like the guy that is a bit more reliable.

I didn't guess the killer in this one at all, which is actually unusual. I'm actually pretty good at figuring out the killer in these books.

The subplot in this book involves Norm's mom, Carrie, and that was actually a little bit more interesting than the actual murder.

These books are kind of fluffy, but I enjoy them. I enjoy Harlequin romances too. I wish this one had more mystery to the story, but it really doesn't matter, because I enjoy all the goings on in Lake Eden.

I will inevitably read more in this series.

Rating: 4 flowers


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