Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Book Review: A Holiday Prayer

Author: Deb Kastner
Title: A Holiday Prayer
Publisher: Love Inspired
Publish Date: Dec 1, 1998
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Book Blurb: 
From the first, Maddie Carlton felt that she'd met mysterious Rory March before. Now he appeared on her doorstep when she least expected--and vanished just as swiftly. Yet, at each visit, Rory brought Maddie and her boy the warmth and joy their lives had been missing for so long--ever since the tragedy that had taken her husband. But who was Rory really? And could the man who'd restored her faith--and saved Christmas for her son--teach Maddie to love again?

Review: This is a sweet love story of faith that takes place during the holidays. Maddie lost her husband at a department store the previous Christmas, when holiday display catches fire. Her son, Nicky is also hurt.

I loved how the author used the Phantom in the story. The Phantom of the Opera has always been one of my favorite stories and musicals, though her inspiration came from the other Phantom musical and not the Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I also loved the character Rory, though I have to say I had a hard time picturing the character as the author described him, as I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, and all Rory's look like Rory Williams

This story was one of forgiveness on Maddie's part. She had to come to terms with what happened to her husband and the thoughts she had about their relationship prior to his death. I really hated that things didn't seem all that rosy until the end of the book.

So many books with the heroine as a widow seem to have the previous relationship as a poor one, yet they grieve as though the spouse was their one true love. There is a specter of mistrust hanging over Maddie's head, and I hated that. I felt bad for Peter because of how he died and that he died without giving Maddie any closure. When you find out what he was doing you will want to smack her.

The other thing that was a little bit off for me was Nicky and how he called Rory, The Fireman. This was a giveaway to Rory's real character. He's more than he seems, even when you find out who he really is.

I wish that there would have been more romance between Rory and Maddie. There was so much more angst than love, yet the two fell in love in a matter of months.

All that aside, this was a beautiful holiday read. It was a little heavy on the faith aspect, but not so much as to be obnoxious. Plus, its Christmas, and faith should play at least a small part in the holiday.

Rating: 4 flowers


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