Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What To Do On A Semi-Snow Day

I had a few extra hours this morning before I had to go to work, thanks to about 7 inches of snow that turned every road in my part of Pennsylvania into a total flipping mess.

So what did I do with the 3 extra hours of unpaid time I received today?

1. I updated the Reviews post for 2011. Woo hoo! That is something that is really hard to keep up with.

2. I updated a few of the Challenge posts too. Up to date are the Ebook Challenge and the YA challenge. I have a few more to update and the post itself needs updating, but I've made a headstart.

Not to shabby for a few hours of spare time. I even managed to get some household things done....My cats are very happy about that too. I cleaned our litter boxes. One day, I swear I will teach them to use the toilet. It would be much easier!!


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