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Bewitching Book Tours Author Interview: Jennifer Turner

Can you tell us a bit about the Darkness Within Series?

Below is the series blurb my agent made me write last year, and it’s also what editors first see when my series goes on submission to traditional publishers. I love sharing it because it’s not something readers would usually get to see. :)

The Darkness Within series is more than just a place where immortal things go bump in the night. It’s a world darker and sexier than anything you know, filled with more mystery and intrigue than you’ve ever dreamed of. Why should a Fledgling vampire sit in the dark, brooding over his cursed condition, when he can live in the lap of luxury by manipulating the humans around him? Why should an Ancient vampiress settle for influencing a few mundane humans, when she can raise an army of Fledglings to carry out her darkest whims?

The denizens of this world don’t want your pity – they want your blood.

Cursed to forever war against each other, vampires now stalk the night beside their prey, hidden behind a veil of deceit and manipulation. And while the Fledglings scramble to earn power and prestige by secretly influencing select humans, it’s the Ancients who move the Fledglings as pawns, building empires, deepening age old rivalries, and crushing opponents with moves centuries in the making. However, in the eternal shadow war that is supernatural society, even the Ancients dance under the twisted strings of a bitter feud that began well before their time.

But Fledgling to Ancient, only one thing lightens the darkness and calms the beast that rages within. Even more for the damned – love – is the highest prize. With it, anything is possible and even the darkest of monsters can be redeemed. Without it, their connection to humanity severs and even trusted friends become expendable once they’ve outlived their usefulness.

Everything is sacred and nothing is forgotten when immortality lies at your feet…

What author has had the biggest influence on your writing?

If I had to choose one author who’s influenced my writing more than another, I’d have to go with Sherrilyn Kenyon. I absolutely love the first seven books in the Dark Hunter series, and had I not read them…I probably wouldn’t be writing now. :)

Was there a particular book you read that made you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

I don’t think there was a single book, but more series of them. When I first began reading the paranormal romance genre, I was amazed by all the different worlds so many authors had created. And I think, as I read more and more books, the allure and challenge of creating my own world was just too much to ignore. ;)

What was the inspiration for the series? When you started writing the series did you have a plan for how many books it would be?

The inspiration for the series as a whole was my husband. He’d created an entire family of vampire characters (The Nelek Family) about ten years ago…and I just knew they’d be perfect to fuel a dark paranormal romance series.

When I started writing the series I figured ten books would probably be about right. However, I’ve upped that total to 15 now, and have even left a little room here and there in case my readers fall for a character I haven’t planned to write a book for. :)

Who is your favorite vampire in books and in films?

My favorite vampire from books is Cyrus from Jennifer Armintrout’s Blood Ties series. He’s easily a bad boy…and I’ve always had a thing for the dark and questionably evil / mentally unstable characters. ;)

In films I’d have to go with…Blade. I know he’s not a full vampire, but the story behind how he became a vampire has a realism I can get behind.

What is your favorite character from your series?

If I had to pick a favorite right now, I’d have to go with Oktober. There’s just something so jaded and unapologetic about him that I can’t help but to love him. I don’t want to give any spoilers or too much info away about him, especially since his book in next…but I’ve never written a character that blatantly refuses to change the way he does. He is who he is at all times, and makes no excuses for the way he sees the world. I just love everything about him…even his frequent need to eat people…and not in a good way. :D

What’s coming next in the Darkness Within series?

Right now, I’m working on the final revision of Eternal Embrace (book #3). This book is, without a doubt, one of the darkest of the series and is also one of my personal favorites! Here’s the back cover blurb:

Lydia Vincent finds little worth in anyone or anything, save herself and her ability to see the truth in everything. At least, what she perceives to be true. She's not looking for love, not looking for acceptance, and she certainly doesn't need some man messing up her life.
Forced to endure a malevolent ritual thousands of years ago, Oktober sees the world through the jaded eyes of a predator. He's a cold-blooded killer, whose only use for humans is food. But he’s about to get the shock of his immortal life – because the one human who won't fall to the curse of his blood – is the one woman who doesn't want a damn thing to do with him.
When the rise of an Ancient enemy lures Oktober and Lydia together, can Oktober ignore the dark instincts urging him to kill her? Can Lydia put her past behind her and find a way to accept Oktober as he is? Can destiny withstand two people who'll fight it to the bitter end...even if it means dying?

Author Bio:
Jennifer Turner lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, with her husband, twelve year old daughter and two cats. She regularly claims one of the aforementioned takes far more work than the others to maintain – but she won’t share which one. She’s the middle child between two brothers, and the favorite child of her parents. Of course, that’s always subject to opinion. Jennifer began her writing career as a self-published romance author, but is now represented by Robert Gottlieb, Chairman of Trident Media Group.


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