Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Recap

Can I just say, WOW! I read a lot this month. I read a lot of full lengths as well as some novellas and short stories! Here's hoping I can keep it up in June. I'm still a bit behind on my reading goal for 2011. Plus I have some new goals for the month of June that I will share later today. So how did you month shape up?

Tana French - In The Woods (mystery & thriller Challenge)
Tess Hardwick - Riversong (ebook challenge)
Beverly Lewis - The Parting
Jools Sinclair - 44 novella (ebook challenge)
Samantha James - The Sins Of Viscount Sutherland (ebook challenge, historical romance challenge)
Ann Nyland - Hedgeland (ebook challenge)
Christine E. Schulze - Bloodmaiden (YA challenge, ebook challenge)
John G. Hartness - Hard Days Knight (ebook challenge, vampire challenge, mystery and thriller challenge)
Amber Scott - Fierce Dawn (ebook challenge)
Liz Crowe - The Rookie short story (ebook challenge)
Sandra Edwards - Incredible Dreams (ebook challenge)
Michelle Muto - The Book Of Shadows (YA challenge, ebook challenge)
Justine Elyot - Honeytrapped novella (ebook challenge)
Linda Hilton - Touchstone (historical romance challenge)
Stacey Kennedy - Stolen Dreams (ebook challenge)
Sara Shepard - The Lying Game (YA challenge, ebook challenge)
Evelyn Lafont - The Vampire Relationship Guide Vol 1 Meeting & Mating novella (vampire challenge, ebook challenge)
Dave Isay - Mom: A Celebration of Mother's from Storycorps
Kiki Howell - Torn Asunder (ebook challenge, historical romance challenge)
H.P. Mallory - A Tale Of Two Goblins (ebook challenge)
H.P. Mallory - To Kill A Warlock (ebook challenge)


Sarah @ The Brazen Bookworm said...

Whew...that is a whole lotta reading! Nicely done! And you got a ton of challenges in, so congrats!

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