Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Reading

The summer reading season is upon us. And that means trying to decide which books are going to go with the the lawn chair....or where ever you do your best reading in the warm months.

But do our tastes change as the months get warmer?

I think they do.

I tend to drift towards lighter, fun books in the summer months. When I had required reading for school, back in my high school days, I could never finish it. It was just too heavy to be reading while the sun is beating down upon you.

Who wants to read, Les Miserables, or All Quiet On The Western Front when you are trying to get a tan?

Not me.

When I curl up with my book...I want something like the latest Debbie Macomber, Janet Evanovich or something similar. I like books that will take me to my happy place while I'm reading them.

So what about you? Does your reading change during the summer months? What are you planning on reading this summer?


heavenisabookstore said...

I doubt my reading changes during the summer as I really don't have a summer. I work in retail and it's always Monday. lol I did however just read the latest Diane Chamberlain book recently which you may like, if you like those authors.

Nikki-ann said...

I don't think my reading changes much throughout the year, except for the off seasonal book. It's pretty much been murders and fantasy so far this year for me.

quirky girls said...

Actually, like you I lean toward lighter topics in the summer. I went on my first cruise last year and shocked myself by craving the most deliciously wonderful trash. I have an entirely new opinion on summer reads after laying out on the deck with with such good books!

Izzybella (from Quirky Girls)

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