Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: The Journey

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)
Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Title: The Journey
Publisher: Barbour Books
Publish Date: April 1, 2011
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Book Blurb: Discover along with Titus Fisher how life can begin anew in Christian County, Kentucky. Moving from Pennsylvania, finding rewarding work, and leaving a broken romance behind is the best decision Titus ever made. But is he ready to consider love again when he meets two women: one who seems perfectly suited for any Amish man and one who challenges long held ideas of the woman’s role. Who will Titus choose, and will it be the right choice?

Review: I really found this book to be different from the typical Amish offerings out there. There were several stories within the story. The reader gets to see everyone's side of the story, Suzanne, Titus, Pheobe and Titus' family. Each layer of the story really lets you get into the heads of some very different characters.

I really liked Suzanne, who was about as much of a feminist as an Amish woman could be. She wanted to go into the woodworking business with her grandfather and brother. Her brother is very old fashioned and doesn't think it is a woman's place. Readers that don't know much about the Amish and their ways may find this attitude a bit annoying, but that's really how it is.

For as much as I liked Suzanne, I have to say, I found Phoebe to be totally annoying. She totally had no focus in her life. She breaks Titus' heart and goes to California without knowing what the cost would be to live there. She just expects sun and fun, and when things go wrong she doesn't know how to deal with them. I found myself wanting to choke her or at least slap her silly most of the time. She was just not a nice girl.

Then there's Titus. He's the main ingredient in the love triangle that Wanda has created in this story. He isn't the most likable hero, but his idiosyncrasies are what make him more endearing as the story goes on. Besides the love triangle that stretches across the miles in a round about way, Titus gets involved in a bit of a mystery, when he finds money in his phone shanty. This gave the story a bit of Oomph to go on, though I think it resolved the issues a bit too easily.

I really enjoyed this story, but I enjoy most of Wanda's books. I recommend these books to anyone that enjoys a good clean story, with a bit of romance.

Rating: 4 flowers


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