Monday, February 20, 2012

Bewitching Book Tours Promo: Jerri Drennen - Her Man Flint

I'm Jerri Drennen, and I have to say, I was nervous about this post since I hate talking about myself. I knew when I was a teenager I was an introvert and that being in a room full of people caused discomfort for me. I've always been this way, probably because of my upbringing.
I was raised on a farm in Minnesota, and me, my four sisters and two brother's hardly ever went anywhere besides school. My mother seemed content with that. Even now, I feel more comfortable in my house. I do miss out on a lot of things but I have adventures through my writing. I create strong female character who aren't afraid of anything. I think that's why I gravitated toward the romantic suspense genre as well. It's exciting and fast-paced, so unlike my own life.
In Her Man Flint, Adriana is everything I wished I could be. Strong, kiss-ass, someone who can hold her own in a job slated for a man. She takes no crap from her partner at the Department of National Security, Flint, my hero in the book, a man she loves, but thinks she was betrayed by.


Blurb: If James Bond and Cleopatra Jones had a daughter, Adriana Kent would kick her ass.
Everything Adriana knows about being a top-notch, undercover agent she's learned from her partner, Flint Morgan, in and out of the sheets. That is, until he's caught between those same bed linens with another woman. Heartbroken, Adriana refuses to forgive him. But when 'the other woman' is found dead in Flint's apartment, she steps up to prove his innocence--he might be a womanizer, but he's no killer.
As Adriana closes in on a suspect, she's kidnapped and sent overseas to a sadistic prince who collects women like priceless pieces of art. Now this tough as nails agent finds herself playing the helpless courtesan to a man hell-bent on breaking her spirit. Flint arrives in the nick of time, dressed as a harem girl, fighting off randy guards and surly camels to rescue Adriana so they can fly back to the states to find a way to exonerate him for murder.


“Who has a right to know? And what?” Flint asked from the doorway.
Adriana’s gaze flew to him, now leaning against the open door in a pair of cut to fit blue jeans, and a black sweater that clung to every muscle and contour of his chest and shoulders. He looked incredible.
She caught herself before she audibly sighed.
Memories of his naked, wonderfully toned chest against hers stirred her senses.
For a year and a half she’d gotten used to having Flint around—a year and a half spent cohabiting. And in that time, she’d fallen in love, even when most of the time he’d been a conceited horse’s ass. Now she desperately wished she hadn’t lost her heart to him because it hadn’t mended the way she’d hoped it would.
It had been six months since he moved out. Long, agonizing weeks of missing his toothbrush in the cup next to hers, his dirty socks scattered on the floor, or waking to his latest baritone rendition of some Barry White tune he knew. She missed that most of all. Hell, she missed everything about the man, including his inflated ego, and at times it hurt so bad she couldn’t even look at him. But their relationship was over, and she had to move on.
“The doctor told me you took quite a blow to the head. I’d say you’re lucky. We both know how hard it is.” Flint’s words brought her attention back to him.
“So what happened?” He looked to Billy for the answer.
“She ran off the road.”
“You ran off the road? Where you putting on make-up again? I told you, you should never do that while you’re driving.”
“I know. I wasn’t thinking.” Adriana turned away. She couldn’t look him in the eye and lie. He’d always been too good at reading her.
“How’s the Porsche?” Flint asked.
“Leave it to you to ask about my car before asking how I’m doing.” Adriana snorted, then looked at Billy, her eyes thanking him for not telling Flint the truth.
Flint’s eyes sparkled with amusement. “You know how much I love that car.”
Adriana’s stomach tightened. Right. He’d loved her car, but never her.
“What do you want, Flint? Did you come here to see if I’d died so you could have my baby? If so, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Wait, I thought you were in D.C.”
“I was. I flew back when I heard you were in an accident.”
She frowned. “Why? I should warn you now that I’m leaving the Porsche to Billy.”
She gently fingered the huge bump on her forehead. What she wouldn’t give for a mirror. She was sure she must look a mess, and with Flint standing just inches away, looking like he’d stepped off the cover of GQ, she felt a little self-conscious.
“Billy wouldn’t know the first thing about handling a car like that and you know it. He’d kill himself.” Flint stepped over to the bed and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.
“Thanks.” Billy glared at Flint.
“Hey, just trying to keep you alive.”
Adriana pushed Flint’s hand away. “Right. You’re just itching to get your hands on my car, but let me tell you this, Flint Morgan, I’m not going anywhere for a long time. So you needn’t worry about the Porsche.”
“Calm down. I don’t want your damn car.”
“How’s the patient?” a handsome, dark-haired man in a white lab coat asked, as he made his way into the room.
“I’m fine.” Adriana smiled demurely at him. “Can I go home now?”
He smiled down at her. “That depends on whether you’re planning to rest or not. If you’re not, then no, if yes, then we’ll see what we can do about getting you discharged.”
Adriana’s heart skipped at beat. The man definitely had a winning smile, with his straight white teeth and deep inset dimples on either side of his mouth.
“Thank you, Dr–?”
“Terrell. Mike Terrell.”
“Nice to meet you, Mike. So, will you let me go home if I promise to stay in bed?” She batted her lashes at him. “You’re welcome to come over and check on me if you’d like.”
His smile widened. “Is that an invitation?”
Beside her Flint snorted.
Adriana scowled at him, then returned her attention to the doctor.
“That depends.”
“On,” Mike asked.
“If you’re married or not?” She glanced at Flint and caught him rolling his eyes.
“No, not married, or dating anyone right now.”
“Really?” Adriana’s gaze held the doctor’s for what seemed like minutes. “How nice for me.”
Flint cleared his throat. “Before the two of you go down on each other right here, I gotta go.” He turned and bolted out the door, leaving everyone in the room looking dumbstruck.
“What’s with him?” Dr. Terrell asked, obviously confused by Flint’s outburst.
Adriana shrugged. “He’s just mad I didn’t die and leave him my Porsche.”


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