Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Chick Ponders Books Things: Save The John K Tener Library!

This Chick is from the little hamlet of Charleroi, PA. I love my library. It isn't too big, but it has a nice selection of books.

I hate to bring politics into my book blog, but in this case I must. When the conservatives took office in PA there were a lot of budget cuts. Most of them went to education.


So needless to say, our libraries took a huge hit, and because Charleroi is a small and very poor town, our library has really been hit. And from the looks of things we may not have it much longer. It is a shame that there isn't a wealthy person that could donate funds to the library to at least cover operational costs. $12,000.00 would due it. Other donations would be great too.

I understand getting the budget in order, but why do the social programs that help people better themselves always suffer?

We need libraries!


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