Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Chick Ponders Bookish Things: Why I'm Angry At Barnes And Noble

I own a Nook 1st Edition. It is my travel eReader. I use it a lot. It goes with me everywhere. I love it, even though I own a Nook Color too.

The problem I have is that I fear my battery may not be long for the world, and I checked the website and its not in stock any longer.


So I got online with their tech support and asked them about it.

I was told that if the battery died, I'd have to upgrade! They couldn't do anything for me!


I love my Nook! I can't imagine not having my little white first edition. I'm so not happy with the customer service. Why should I be forced to buy a new product when the only thing that isn't working well with mine is a battery?

Barnes and Noble, SHAME ON YOU!


Sarah said...

Oh no! That's horrible. I hate when companies stop supporting products just because they have new models. Maybe you can find a battery somewhere like ebay?

FYI - did you always have captcha? I never noticed before.

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