Friday, August 13, 2010

Book Review: The Billionaire's Fake Engagement

The Billionaire's Fake Engagement (Silhouette Desire)Author: Robyn Grady
Title: The Billionaire's Fake Engagement
Publisher: Silhouette Desire
Publish Date: Sept 2009
Rating:2 Stars
Book Blurb: A scandal threatened one of Australia's most powerful bachelor billionaires. The solution? A proposal.

Alexander Ramirez was committed to the idea of family, and Natalie Wilder certainly brought the right assets to his bedroom. The engagement that he'd intended as a media distraction soon became a real possibility. As one obstacle after another got in the way of his plans, Alex became more determined than ever to keep Natalie in his bed. And he always got what he wanted!

Review: This book wasn't all that I thought it would be. Natalie and Alexander become engaged to distract the media from another scandal, however Natalie has some issues in her past that she doesn't want to share with her lover.

I generally like the Desire line, but this book just went over the top too much for me. First, Natalie was an unwed mother at 17, but her baby died at birth. Then she developed a condition that would likely make her infertile.

The thing that gets me is that her lover is accused of fathering a child on another woman and she's worried about not being able to have his baby. At least she doesn't have any issues with trust. I think Natalie is a little misguided, and Alexander has a big mouth. I mean why would you blurt out you were about to marry someone else, after you had been accused of getting another woman pregnant.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happens in the end, because not only to you get a happily ever after you get something close to a miracle too.


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