Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rearranging The Book Shelves

I have a serious lack of shelving in my house for my books and they are literally EVERYWHERE. If there is a flat surface, I can guarantee you that there is a book there, and that, my friends includes the floor!

I've been looking for a reason shelving unit and last year around Christmas Aldi Markets had some wonderful metal shelves that are super pretty, but fool that I am, I only bought two. One I gave to my mother for her cookbooks and I kept one for myself. I still need more. My old shelf that is about 20-25 years old is looking worse for wear. The shelves are starting to smile at me from across the room, and not in a flirtatious manner.

I need something that doesn't have those three little words that strike fear in my heart, "some assembly required." I'm not good with hammer and nails, however small those nails might be. Any time I've had to assemble something like that, cussing is almost always involved. Sometimes I even make up some new words.

The question now, is where can I find bookcases with little to no assemble required that are reasonably priced, say under $100.00.

Any ideas or recommendations?


India Drummond said...

This is the exact reason why I got an eReader. I figured it was about the same cost as buying a new bookshelf, plus it takes up MUCH less room. I got a Sony eReader, but I have to admit I've been having lustful thoughts about the new (cheaper) Kindle.

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