Saturday, August 7, 2010

Book Review: The Millionaire's Miracle

Author: Catheleen Galitz
Title: The Millionaire's Miracle
Publisher: Silhouette Desire
Publish Date: Sept 2007
Rating: 3 Stars
Book Blurb: She couldn't believe it. Millionaire Bryce McFadden, the ex-husband who had broken her heart, was suddenly back in her life. And he still had the power to make her weak in the knees. How could Gillian possibly spend a single moment in the presence of that ice-cold man?

Then an avalanche trapped them in a remote Wyoming ranch. Forced into such close and intimate quarters, their intense passion burned hot enough to almost cause a thaw. But was a renewed attraction enough to grant them the miracle of a new beginning?

Review: This book is an example of when good writers write what my creative writing teacher in high school would call a pot boiler. The characters were strong but there were too many of them and they all had issues that either didn't get resolved or got resolved too easily. For instance, Gillian's sisters are really an intricate part of the plot. They want their father in a nursing home so that the ranch can be sold and they can get their inheritance.

They show up with Gillian and her ex are staying at the ranch to cause trouble, but they really didn't. They just sort of pouted, celebrated and left. If they were going to be wicked sisters, they really needed to be a bit nastier. They didn't do anything to thwart the decision anyone made.

Then there was Bryce, they ex. He's about to get engaged to a woman he supposedly loves, but in the end his feelings for his ex take over and the two of them end up in bed. Yet throughout the book, he's talking to the woman he says he loves and her son. Its kind of hard to believe he's that weak willed no matter what history he shares with Gillian.

The only character that really came across well was Gillian's father. He sticks to his guns. He knows his limitations and he shows love. I cried when they buried the old dog, Padre.

This story could have been great, but I think it needed to be longer than what the Silhouette Desire line allows. I longed for more backstory on Gillian and Bryce's marriage and the loss of their child. I definitely would have loved to really know the motivations behind Rose and Stella's desire to sell the ranch. Money seemed a bit too easy and everyone was too forgiving of them.

I gave the book 3 stars because even though there were plot holes in my opinion the story was well written. It was a quick easy read, and I give props to the author for keeping the lovemaking scenes to a minimum because too much would have ruined the story.


Sabrina said...

Sometimes I love how short the Harlequins are but sometimes, like you said, longer would be better. I don't like it when a story feels rushed.

Have a great weekend!

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