Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: The Kingdom

Author: Amanda Stevens
Title The Kingdom
Publisher: Mira
Publish Date: March 27, 2012
Review Copy Provided By: Net Galley
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Book Blurb: Deep in the shadowy foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies a dying town…
My name is Amelia Gray. They call me The Graveyard Queen. I've been commissioned to restore an old cemetery in Asher Falls, South Carolina, but I'm coming to think I have another purpose here.

Why is there a cemetery at the bottom of Bell Lake? Why am I drawn time and again to a hidden grave I've discovered in the woods? Something is eating away at the soul of this town—this withering kingdom—and it will only be restored if I can uncover the truth.
   The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen #2)
Review: If you thought Amanda's last book The Restorer was good, you must read The Kingdom. This is book 2 in The Graveyard Queen series and if anything, it is better than the first book.

Amelia Grey has come to Asher Falls, a ghost town, to restore the cemetery, but when she gets there, strange things start happening. Very strange things.

The Amelia Grey books are all kinds of things that go bump in the night. There are ghosts everywhere and a few witches as well, not to mention all kinds of evil.

I never would have guessed the direction this book was going to take after having read The Restorer.  I thought Devlin would have figured into the book more than he did, though at the end, the reader knows that he's going to be a part of the next book in a big way.

What we do learn in this book, is a lot about Amelia. The secret around Amelia's parentage was a little too easy to guess, but it didn't hurt the story in the slightest. I had to keep turning the pages, because I wanted to know more.

Amanda has a knack of creating characters that you want to get to know. I loved the Asher's for all their evil and strangeness, and those connected with them like The Witches of Asher Falls. But the character that I really came to love in this book is Angus the bait dog that Amelia took in. I'm always a sucker for animals in stories and Angus was such a wonderful part of this story.

I  highly recommend this book to just about anyone, but definitely to those who like a spookier read. Actually just go out and buy this book, you won't regret it.

Rating: 5 flowers


Sarah M said...

I really enjoyed this book, as much or better than the first. I was surprised at how present Devlin is, since he wasn't physically in the book.

Very creepy good story.

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