Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Reading Recap

Here are all the books I read and reviewed in March!

Madelyn Alt - Home For A Spell (3/3/2012)  (Cruisin Through The Cozies)
Jennifer Chiaverini - Sonoma Rose (3/5/2012)
Cheryl Douglas - Shameless (3/6/2012)
Larry Peterson - The Priest & The Peaches (3/9/2012)
Jim and Joyce Levene - Pretty Poison (3/10/2012) (Cruisin Through The Cozies)
Sophie Kinsella - I've Got Your Number (3/13/2012) (Reading Romances Reading Challenge)
Aimee Bender - The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake (3/14/2012)
Jennifer Haymore - Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess (3/15/2012) (Historical Romance Reading Challenge) (Reading Romances Reading Challenge)
Phillipa Gregory - The Constant Princess (3/17/2012) (Tudor Reading Challenge)
Oli Smith - Doctor Who: Blackout (3/18/2012) (Doctor Who Reading Challenge)
Tamar Myers - Too Many Crooks Spoil The Broth (3/20/2012) (Crusin Through The Cozies)
Janet Evanovich & Leanne Banks - Hot Stuff (3/21/2012)
Rachel Pruitt - The Dragon's Harp (3/23/2012)
Amy Clipston - A Life Of Joy (3/24/2012) (Amish Fiction Reading Challenge)
Eileen Cook - Do Or Di (3/26/2012)
Jonathan Gould - Flidderbugs (3/28/2012)
Linda Ford - The Cowboy Father (3/29/2012) (Historical Romance Reading Challenge)
Leslie Meier - Trick Or Treat Murder (3/30/2012) (Crusin Through The Cozies)
Beverly Lewis - The Secret (3/31/2012) (Amish Fiction Reading Challenge)


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