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Bewitching Book Tours Book Review: Murder On Mars

Author: M.M. Shelley
Title: Murder On Mars
Publish Date: Nov 28, 2012
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Book Blurb: 
A paranormal force has lured Ava to New Orleans, where shadows lurk behind every corner and an unknown power has yet to be unleashed.

There is a darkness in New Orleans, one that has brought sixteen year old Ava Lopez to the city in search of her best friend, Dyson. A dark crime has been committed, and there are supernatural forces involved. Three sisters who whisper "fate" are awaiting the arrival of the Guardian.

Shadow People fiercely haunt the city, unchallenged, but Ava senses that Dyson may be involved with their crimes. She must discover the secret that the Shadows are so determined to keep hidden.

Ava will have to risk everything, because where the Fates are concerned there are no second chances.

Review: For me this book took a little more time getting into. I'm not sure why, it was probably just me.

I love stories, especially mysteries set in New Orleans, and when they have paranormal elements, well that's even better. In this case we have Shadow People and The Shadow King haunting the city.

I really loved the concept of the Shadow People and their attachment to the sisters of fate made for a very creepy and mysterious story line.

At first it seemed the story involved finding Dyson's killer, but there was more to his disappearance than a murder.

There is also the mystery surrounding Martie Whyte's disappearance back in 1928.

At times it felt like there was a little too much going on and I think that's what made the story slow going for me. It made things quite a bit confusing, missing people, serial killers, shadow people. Yet the story was fast paced and it did hold my attention. I wanted to see what happened to Ava and if Dyson would be found.

The best parts of the story for me revolved around the past. I liked learning about Martie through the journal, it definitely added something unique to the story.

Rating: 4 flowers


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