Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Innovative Online Book Tours Book Review: The Three Lost Kids & Cupid's Capture

Author: Kimberly Kinrade
Title: The Three Lost Kids & Cupid's Capture
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publish Date: Jan 17, 2013
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Book Blurb:Lexie is very unhappy this Valentine’s Day. She can’t get anything right, and her hearts all look horrible. In fact, everyone at school seems to be in an extra grumpy mood.

When she and her sisters consult her magic Mirror of Ice to find out what’s going on, they are transported to Heartland, the home of Cupid herself, which is under attack by a scary monster.

When Cupid is captured, the girls must navigate the Maze of Misdirection, pull themselves out of Apathy, and survive against attacking Cruel Crawlies in order to find the Chasm of Broken Hearts… and save Cupid. But first, Lexie has to learn to love herself just as she is, otherwise Valentine’s Day will forever be filled with broken hearts.

Review: Kimberly Kinrade takes us back into the world of Lexie, Maddie and Bella and their dog TayTay. This time the book takes place during the Valentine's holiday.

There's something causing everyone to be grumpy.

In true Lost Kids fashion, the girls end up in a magical world with Cupid, but she soon is captured and the girls have to save her to save Valentine's Day.

Like all the other Lost Kids books, there's a moral to this one, but it doesn't overshadow the adventure the girls have along the way. That's what makes The Lost Kids series such fun to read, no matter what age you are. There's the magic the girls have when they are in the other worlds, but there's also the real life lessons they learn along the way. (In this case, learning to love yourself...with a little bit of a reminder that you should accept people for what they are, even if they are different from you)

So yeah, I'm 38 years old, but I have to say, I've loved each of the books I've read in this series. They are cute and fun reads!

Rating: 5 flowers


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